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The Shadows and The Hues, The Announcement

The Shadows and the Hues Auditions are open.

the shadows and the hues, the announcement

The Shadows and the Hues is a play I wrote about an old man I lived next to years ago in a shitty flat in Daglish. He was a lonely old man who lived in a room full of boxes. Boxes that were covered in dust. It was like he had been moved in here, years ago, from a bigger place, and for some reason had never unpacked. Then when they removed him, all of these boxes and everything else went into a skip and within a few hours the flat was empty and he was gone . . . as if he never existed.

Something about his last confused look up at me, he was in the back seat of a car, remained, and I felt inside that I wanted to create a piece that celebrated him. The piece took me years to write mainly because I was searching for the story, or as John, says in the play, “You can’t save someone from history, that history has already discarded.”

Well maybe, just maybe that’s not the case.

Thanks to Andrew Thomson and The Wedge Theatre in Sale the play is to have a fully funded major production in October 2021, rehearsing in September.

The Director will be the legendary director Bruce Beresford, (Breaker Morant, Driving Miss Daisy, Puberty Blues)

We are attempting to secure a major named actor for the old man John, but we are having open auditions for the other three characters.

These Characters are

  • Jason: a young artist 25 -29.
  • Sharon, John’s daughter, 40 – 50
  • Jason’s Mother, 50-60.

For more info contact us here


I still can’t believe we are working with Bruce, and in these Covid times who knows if things will change. But for now, it’s still – Michael

We drove home late that night after the show, our van full of the set, and the sense of being part of history, a history that clearly had no interest in us. For a few days, once home this hit me like a blues hammer, but then I realised self-pity won’t change anything, except pointlessly consume what little time I have left in the impossible sea of unfolding miracles we call life.

So today I am back and we have BIG NEWS.

the shadows and the hues, the announcement

Details on how to audition will be on the website from later today, and will also be in a second email. If you would like to apply to audition please do, or if you know someone who would like to apply please forward the email to them.

We apologise for having to postpone Marooned at the Alex and The Magnolia Tree at Colac. Next weekend we are supposed to be in Launceston with Marooned and we will keep you posted.

Stay safe and fingers crossed that we are through this soon.

Rohana and Michael

The Wolves Theatre Company

the shadows and the hues, the announcement

The Official Magnolia Tour beats Covid

So on the eve of lockdown, we staged the second show for the day of The Magnolia Tree at The Wedge Theatre in Sale and in doing so we had completed the official Regional Arts Victoria tour and done so successfully, with every show being well received, with lots of great comments, a smashing review from Stagewhispers and most remarkably of all a late run of the death endings which saw the death ending leave the life-ending in its wake.  Death is now two shows ahead. During this tour, we also sold out our Alex Theatre show as well as a forthcoming second Colac show but that now, unfortunately, has had to be postponed.

the shadows and the hues, the announcement

the shadows and the hues, the announcement