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The new album DISHEE is here….


the new album dishee is here….

Hugo Race – new album Dishee is now streaming! 


The LP/CD is out on Poland’s finest independent label Gusstaff Records, also available soon through my Online Store, or you can download directly: 



Nitestylz (Hamburg) – “A perfect soundtrack for late-night meditation and self-exploration in pandemic-induced isolation and beyond. Deep. Organic. Listening. Music.” 

Dishee… what the fuq is a dishee you might ask?

It’s a made-up word derived from ancient Sanskrit that can exorcise demons.
The Melbourne winter of 2020 was a reality shift and my reality, unfortunately, shifted with it. For decades Hugo’s life had been a continuum of reckless road trips, missed trains, packed intercontinental 747’s, dispassionate, haunted hotel rooms and maverick promoters. For years, he never stayed anywhere for more than a few months. Hugo was searching for something to distract himself. And then he became truly distracted…
March 2020 challenged him to implode inwards instead of exploring outwards – anything to ease the crushing ache of lockdown and the 20-cent coin he now danced upon. Hugo missed his old life. Everybody did. He was sceptical that meditation and searching within could produce a record. But then someone close to him was taken by a demon and my heart went missing. This record, Dishee, is the exorcism of that demon from both of them.
He bought a new guitar from Demonic Dishee town. The guitar was made in Japan the same year he was born and like many haunted vintage guitars contained unheard-of music waiting for the right fingers to set it free. Hugo practised snap freezing and distorting guitar sounds then started using the same treatments on his voice, paralyzing words mid-sentence. He didn’t know where these pieces were going when he started them. Each was a discovery process. Dishee has no rhythm and few words – So Hung introduces a fractured beat but it disappears by halfway through and from there on it steps into free space. Hugo inserted swathes of liquid ink into every irreverent guitar slide and vocal harmony, searching for a new sound rich with sonic grit and wild unpredictability.
And then something incredible happened. During his nightly night terrors, his Dishee murdered that child-snatching demon at a distance of forty paces with a millennium-old mantra and the practice of detachment. This record is the soundtrack of an exorcism.

the new album dishee is here….Order LP / CD Now!

Artwork – Josh Lord