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The Most Common Reasons For Blocked Drains



Blocked drains can create a high amount of tension in the community as well as for an individual homeowner. It is not a very good experience for someone who would be there to face it. The experience is not only a disgusting one but it also creates a high amount of inconvenience for the people around. The experience can be highly repulsive because of the fact that the blocked drains induce an obnoxious odor. What is more repulsive is the fact that these blocked drains are stuffed with bacteria. It is worrisome because such microorganisms can be essentially harmful to the family members and also for the people living in the neighborhood, as the bacteria will make a healthy environment decayed.

We can always see different people in a state of struggle because of the problem of blocked drains every now and then. If the issues are not resolved at the earliest then the problem only grows and the blocked drains would only bring in further problems with the health hazard of the people.

There can be different reasons why the drains keep on getting clogged. It is necessary to understand and identify the different triggers for which the drains get blocked. There is one general reason behind this: the lack of awareness about drain cleanliness leads to the drain blockage.

Blocked Drains
Blocked Drain


Excessive dirt can be one of the chief reasons behind the blocked drains. This blockage issue comes under the aspect that the drains are being clogged by dirt. It is always important to keep a watch on the dirt and debris accumulation so that these particles do not block the drains. The dirt might include any of the excessive dust as well as a bunch of hairs or grease along with the different other kinds of dirt.

Bad installation

One of the reasons behind the blockage of drains can be the poor installation of the drains. The poor installation of the drains would mean that plumbing has not been done properly and because of this reason the system in which the plumbing works is already in a problematic position. With such a problem the drains would definitely be blocked. The blocked drains might occur because of the problem in the installation itself.

Other reasons

There can be several other reasons behind blocked drains. Starting from the fact that the pipes can be broken and that is why the drains might get blocked, to the fact that there can be foreign objects which accidentally drop down the drain bringing it in a problematic position, all of these can be probable reasons behind the blocked drains.

Blocked Drains
Blocked Drains

Decayed Leaves also play a part in the aspect of blocked drains. These leaves might get stuck in the piping system of the house and this could be a prominent reason behind the aspect of getting the blockage of the drains.

To get rid of such problems one should always act cautions in using their plumbing system. One should always use their plumbing system properly and always look into the fact that no unnecessary object gets through the pipes.  If the clogging problems occur, one should always call in for a plumber who has the expertise in repairing the blocked drains. A plumber would know the ways to clear pipeline, and he must have the instruments which they can use to repair the problem of having the blocked drains.

Blocked drains can be a nuisance but with the right steps taken to fix it, the problem can be adjusted in a positive manner. The blocked drain is highly unhygienic and can be the cause of many infectious diseases.