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Friday morning in Australia,  music fans woke up to the incredibly sad news that the legendary Peter Tork, bass player in The Monkees had passed away at the age of 77.

Mike Nesmith wrote “Peter Tork will be a part of me forever. As I write this my tears are awash, and my heart is broken. Even though I am clinging to the idea that we all continue, the pain that attends these passings has no cure. I share with all Monkees fans this change, this “loss”, even so.   A band no more, and yet the music plays on.   As for Pete, I can only pray his songs reach the heights that can lift us and that our childhood lives forever — that special sparkle that was the Monkees.   I will miss him – a brother in arms.”

In a note on his social media sites, Micky Dolenz writes, simply, “There are no words right now…heart broken over the loss of my Monkee brother, Peter Tork.” The message is accompanied by a black-and-white photo of Peter smiling.

From his early days in Greenwich Village, to the heights of Monkeemania, to his Shoe Suede Blues band, Peter enjoyed a rich life as an incredibly gifted musician and songwriter. He has left us with a plethora of amazing songs and memories that will be endlessly remembered.   Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and fans around the world.” -Mark Pinkus, President, Rhino Entertainment.

Australian promoter David Roy Williams, who toured Peter Tork and  Micky Dolenz in 2016 and is touring Micky Dolenz and Mike Nesmith in June this year, commented from London this morning, “Peter toured Australia numerous times, most recently with The Monkees  50th Anniversary show in 2016. His immense joy in performing was self-evident to all who were so fortunate to attend one of those concerts. We, and all Australian Monkees fans, will miss Peter greatly”

Peter’s last ever live Monkees performance was in Australia with Micky Dolenz at Star Gold Coast, a show also memorable for an appearance by Wrecking Crew member Louie Shelton performing the riff he made famous on “Last Train To Clarksville”, and the “You Bring The  Summer” dancers from Japan.

Time is a cruel master but the memory of Peter’s wonderful music and beautiful spirit lives on.

Mick Pachollihttp://www.tagg.com.au
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