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A short history of the Melbourne Cup

These are fascinating races of horses. It takes place in Australia and also other countries of the world. The Melbourne cup normally takes place on the first Tuesday of November every year. There are vying and several lucrative pools of the prize in addition it has been taking place since 1861 but during this time it wasn’t competitive. Some of the prizes that are offered are trophies. The race that is covered is approximately about 3200 meters. In recent times there is the use of foreign-trained horses. Some of the legendary or participants who participated in this race during the early period were Archer and Makybe Diva. The information provided shows the Melbourne Cup winners list, Melbourne Cup full results, and some of the betting tips.

Participating and how to attend the Melbourne Cup

The horse race is normally attended by hundreds of spectators and also punters to witness. An individual uses his or her means to reach Australia. One has to have a ticket in order to be accepted; therefore the first step is to obtain a ticket. There are two types of tickets: the general admission ticket and the premium ticket. The general admission ticket is the easiest to join the competition. The premium ticket is expensive though it is of great advantage, for instance, you are reserved seating and also banking. This ticket is obtained online.

The reason why the Melbourne Cup competition takes place in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the largest cities and a metropolitan region; therefore it retains a large history of several activities of sporting and culture. This has favored this horse racing. The region is known to host several functions such as horse racing, education, and also a business. This, therefore, led to the hosting of the Melbourne Cup in the region.

The Melbourne cup winners list

Horse: Makybe Diva, who won thrice in three consecutive years that is; ( 2003, 2004, 2005)

Jockey: Bobby Lewis who on four times (1902, 1915, 1919, 1927)

Also, there is a capture of full Melbourne Cup full results as described as follows;

In 2015 when the prince of Penzance won $101. In addition, in the recent year that is 2006 when the two front positions were taken by the two Japanese where they two the two first positions respectively. Others that won include Sumii Katsuhiko. However, there are several winners who always won the Melbourne Cup several times when they took a position in participation.

Where to get betting tips for the Melbourne Cup

There are several bookmakers that provide predictions such as They offer a wide range of betting markets. These tips are always sure with a minimum percentage of losing. Some of the other Melbourne betting sections are and These are the common sites with high winning rates in providing Melbourne Cup prediction; hence they should be taken into consideration by punters.