The Magnolia Tree Tour is Here

the magnolia tree tour is here


I was born in 66. Being born in the sixties is like turning up late to have a few still stoned stragglers go, man, you missed a great party, following this, I grew up in the battles of the sexual revolution and was asked to pray in primary school for the end of something our teacher called the Vietnam War, Priests were trusted, we swam in the river, everything was free, nuclear war was imminent, or so it seemed and the fundamentals of right and wrong had survived the 60s like a solid perch in a gathering storm. 

But we are not kids anymore arguing over chocolate, now we are here, and for some reason does that battle-scarred perch, that supported us for all these years feel more like an unsustainable weight to you?

The point of the play, The Magnolia Tree is that question, and because the devil has a great sense of humour it is often darkly funny, but that said the play is a journey, a journey into darkness, where the only way back to the light will be your responsibility.

The play has two endings and one critical and theatrical vote.  But remember, this isn’t parliament, this is theatre so you can participate melodramatically. 

You can see this play 

the magnolia tree tour is here

Alex Theatre St Kilda

May 21st 

Alex Theatre Two

1/135 Fitzroy St St Kilda, VIC 3182



  • 13th May Williamstown Hall Hobsons Bay
  • 14th May The Potato Shed Geelong
  • 15th RRRTAG Colac (SOLD OUT) – New Show RRRTAG Colac 29th May
  • 16th Birchip Public Hall
  • 17th Kaniva Shire Hall
  • 21st Alex Theatre St Kilda
  • 22nd May The Moyhu Memorial Hall King Valley
  • 26th May The Forge theatre Bairnsdale
  • 27th May The Wedge Theatre 2 shows
  • 29th May RRRTAG Colac

Marooned is back

I know it must sound odd, for plays, as a rule, do seasons but once they finish the play often vanishes, so we are again trialling, touring the play constantly like an Indy band. In June are in Launceston, July Brisbane, Soon we will be on in Geelong, but next, we are back at the Alex Theatre on May 28th. 

Recasting half of Marooned taught us an important lesson, Actors aren’t burgers. You can give the same blocking, same lines, but what you end up with is a whole load of new colour. A fresh play. We have heard that in the UK, they are having 379 played by a Scotsman. I‘d love to see it, but the world now is a different place.   

Fortunately, the Alex Theatre, our great supporter, is ok with us doing these sporadic shows. If you came to see it and liked it, please spread the word. Despite all these social media, Word of mouth still rules.   

Marooned at The Alex 

May 28th 2021

Alex Theatre Two

1/135 Fitzroy St St Kilda, VIC 3182


The Shadows and the Hues 

Nail-biting tension continues. 
We have been told that tickets will go on sale in June.

The online recording of this play has begun.  

More news soon and I’d like to thank the cast for all their passion and great work especially our man in Egypt Mo Hash.

Finally, I’d like to personally thank Andrew Thomson and Niamh Siobhan for their ongoing support for my work and The Wolves.  

Take care till next time.

Michael Gray Griffith