Himalayan salt is also known as pink rock salt due to its unique pink color and is recognized for its numerous health benefits. It’s largely mined in Pakistan’s Punjab region and the Himalayan foothills. This salt is mined, washed by hand, and natural and unprocessed, which is why it’s called the purest one on earth. It has a rich taste and has plenty of nutrients like potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and calcium. Pink salt offers plenty of other health benefits and here you’ll find out why the Himalayan salt is considered magic for your body and soul.

Improves respiratory health

Pink salt is thought to be immensely beneficial for the respiratory system. In fact, salt therapy is a method in which pure Himalayan salt is used to heal respiratory conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and sinus issues. This method involves either a salt-inhaler or, in other cases, sitting in a room full of salt-rich air to regulate respiratory issues. When you inhale salty air, it travels through the respiratory system and antimicrobial and antibacterial features of salt restore the sinuses and lungs. Also, pink rock salt is beneficial if you have asthma since it soothes the discomfort and at the same time advances lung capacity.

Aids digestion

It’s well-known that the elements found in rock salt such as iron, magnesium, oxygen, zinc, sulfur, and calcium can improve the ability of your gastrointestinal tract and can help you with digestive issues like stomach aches, heartburn, and constipation. All these minerals are helpful in terms of cleaning toxins from the bowels and speeding up the digestion process. Also, since Himalayan salt stimulates insulin in the body, you won’t have hunger attacks and sugar cravings, which is beneficial when trying to lose weight.


The ideal way to take advantage of quality Himalayan pink rock salt is to make pure water that’s rich in natural salt. By drinking this water, you maintain the pH balance of your body, and at the same time you get rid of toxins, boost energy levels, and keep hydrated throughout the whole day. Science strongly supports the theory that the negatively charged ions and trace minerals in pink salt rid the human body of toxins. To make pure water, put ¼ cup of Himalayan salt in a jug and pour water over it. Next, let the jug sit overnight. In the morning, the salt will be completely dissolved and absorbed by the water. Then, you can add one teaspoon of this water to a glass of regular water and drink it every day.

the magic of himalayan salt for your body and soul

Reduces blood pressure

The high sodium content in pink rock salt can help reduce your blood pressure. In fact, if you use 100% natural Himalayan salt rather than processed table salt, your body can absorb other various minerals more easily. This further means that it isn’t necessary for your body to hold unneeded water and thus it doesn’t have to work as hard.

Salt baths

By completely washing your body in Himalayan salt, you can do miracles in refreshing your skin. Thanks to the dermal absorption process, your skin gets soaked by all the minerals found in the rock salt. For example, the pink salt’s ingredients can help in fighting acne and keeping the skin soft. The great amount of magnesium that’s absorbed through pink rock salt can help soothe cramped muscles and soft tissues. By having these warm salt body baths, you’ll always feel energized and refreshed.

Hopefully, this article inspired you to use pink Himalayan rock salt and make it a part of your everyday routine due to its many health benefits. From improving respiratory health, detoxifying your body, and aiding digestion to reducing blood pressure and making your skin shine, Himalayan salt will increase the quality of your everyday life. As already mentioned, this nature’s jewel will relax your body and soul and resolve your health problems and improve your welfare.



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