The Kiss Off


This song was on the ‘Blind Faith’ release by A.R.M. (Armageddon Resource Management) though sometimes I referred to it as Angry Red Meat or Autistic Remedial massage, you get the idea.

I wrote this song while my marriage was breaking down… you know, the old story….boy meets girl, falls in love, get married… and then it all goes to shit. It is a song about betrayal and the final goodbye, the Kiss off.

The song was originally intended for Bigger Than Jesus but the band broke up before we got around to learning and recording it. I finally got it released through TWA but once again the fates intervened and they went bust before any mileage could be made out of it, (story of my life) even though one of the songs featured as ‘incidental music’ in the gripping and brutal Australian movie The Boys, directed by Rowan Woods.

The rights came back to me but by then I’d moved on. Now as part of my ‘get my shit together before it’s too late and I die’ plan, I have put it up on my Bandcamp site, along with the rest of the Extended EP with 2, yes two bonus track!!  Great people that thought of this, Bandcamp I mean, I tip my hat to them….

If you want it or the album go to and help yourself. this has been part of my Shameless self-promotion series, part 05.