history of the Christmas stocking

Have you ever wondered where the tradition of Christmas stockings came from? Or what is the story behind hanging stockings during Christmas? Are you getting ready for Christmas? Your tree must be twinkling with anticipation. Christmas gives everyone incredible feelings, especially Christians, who get excited and start preparing for it for a long time.

Though there are various traditions at Christmas, one of the most iconic and vital things is to hang stockings on fireplaces, doorknobs, Christmas trees, or others on Christmas eve. Some of you might not know the reason behind it but still is following the tradition blindly. So, keep reading this article further to know the exact reason behind hanging the stockings.

The fascinating history behind hanging stockings on Christmas

Stockings being the most beloved decoration is sometimes hard to find as per your requirements. You can go through various online sites to get personalized Christmas stockings as per your wish as decoration on Christmas eve must be unique and creative. Now, let’s have a look at the history of hanging stockings below:

  • We cannot deny that we have witnessed a massive evolution from the past to recent years of the stockings that we hung on Christmas eve. Some of the designs used earlier in the olden days might shock you.
  • There’s no particular reason why the stockings tradition started, but once Christmas was banned from celebrating due to religious clashes, its reintroduction stockings became an integral part of the festivity.
  • Earlier, there wasn’t any tradition of using Christmas stockings as a gift-giving purpose. There was a time when only a few families used stockings for decorating on Christmas.
  • You can find numerous fancy stockings, but in the 1930s and 1940s, there wasn’t any existence of fancy stockings. People or children used to regularly hung socks and wished Santa to fill them up with gifts or presents.
  • Later, the families started personalizing their own Christmas stockings with their same or their family’s names. The home designs became so popular that still, most people follow the trend, but these days, people don’t have much time to spend personalizing the stockings on their own, so you can take help from various sites by providing your design.
  • After the popularity of personalized stockings, many craft stores sold varieties of Christmas stockings, including stencils, knitted ones, and recreated the perfect socks at home.
  • Interestingly, this practice of hanging stockings was first mentioned in a poem in 1823. Of course, today, you’ll find Christmas stockings in various colors, sizes, and designs, but earlier, children were quite happy to hang their socks, and naughty children were even warned that they’d rather receive a piece of coal.

How to get a proper personalized stocking for Christmas?

You can get various personalized stockings from Santa Claus climbing down the chimney to snowflakes and snowman, and much more, taking the help from various reliable sites within your budget. Impress your kid by making an order on the best website where you can get remarkable offers and the best product. You have to mention the material you want your stockings to personalize and the design you want to have to the experts. You can also ask them to embroider your child’s name in the particular stockings that would make it a special gift for your child.

Winding Up

I genuinely hope that this beautiful tradition of hanging stockings on Christmas eve never fades, and in the future, it still goes on the same way as it is now. You’ll be able to get a variety of stockings online at a reasonable price. I think you’ll love the tradition more after knowing its history and teach your future generations to follow up.