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The Growing Demand For Long stay Accommodation



Long-stay accommodations are fast gaining popularity across the world. The developers, guests, and operators are equally excited about the prospects of this new style of accommodations for extended stays. The concept of long-stay homes is now a well-established model and enjoys continued growth. These are mainly essential for corporate travellers who need to stay on extended vacations or for industrial visits. This accommodation or places of stay are maintained in the best possible hygienic manner and they also give the owner the best value for money.

Why Are These Long Stay Accommodations So Popular Nowadays?

  • So, what is it about the long stay accommodations that are making them so popular? There are indeed plenty of opportunities for those involved in the extended-stay product. Whether it is a routine hotel or apartment operator, they carry the same objective: selling the hotel room.
  • The customers get to enjoy larger living spaces with a lot more amenities and personalised services. There is a significant segment of customers who are looking for that kind of experience and welcome the idea as this is a cost-saving and easy staying idea within a budget that could have escalated otherwise.

the growing demand for long stay accommodation

Long Stay Accommodation For Guests Who Have Been Looking For A Hotel Room Like Accommodation:

  • The long-stay accommodations are particularly meant for guests looking for a hotel with a home-like accommodation. These apartments are typically larger than standard hotel rooms and carry kitchen facilities.
  • One is likely to come across these accommodations meant for an extended stay in urban locations. The commercially-oriented properties often cater to business guests. However, there are leisure-oriented properties in resort locations too, where the guests are usually friends and families who gather here for a long holiday.
  •  There is more security that is provided to the guests and there are also loyalty programs that many companies offer for these long stay accommodation programs.

The long-stay accommodations are already making an impact on corporate and leisure travel. In certain cities, there is already a huge demand for these accommodation styles that are more relaxing to stay at but are already outperforming hotels. These accommodations are ideal for those employees on short-term projects or training programs. The company may require temporary accommodation until they can get an office. Sometimes business travellers are accompanied by their families and thus plan a working holiday. Thus, they find long-stay apartments far more suitable than staying in hotels.

the growing demand for long stay accommodation

Different Styles of Long Stay Accommodations

When you hunt for accommodations for a longer stay, you are likely to come across the following:

  • Hotels: Some hotel rooms are designed and equipped for extended stays and are fully furnished. They may be suites or studio apartments that come with equipped kitchen, lounge/dining area, and dedicated workspace.
  • Serviced Apartments: These properties provide much larger rooms than hotels and are typically found in urban locations. You will come across one- or two-bedroom studios that are fully furnished and come with a kitchen, lounge/dining area, and reception desks.
  • Executive Apartments: Meant for corporate housing, the Executive apartments are full-sized residential apartments for longer stays. There are two or even three-bedroom apartments for the guests and are fully furnished. One can enjoy all the amenities such as internal laundry, TV, DVD, weekly cleaning service along a fitted kitchen.

All rooms are fitted with air conditioning, satellite channels, private bathrooms. You can now search for these types of accommodation facilities online and check out the price and the features offered. You get everything right from rooms service to innovative locations, good food and complete relaxation. Often, these properties are centrally located and are closer to the transport hubs and markets