the george lounge
The new fit-out in The Snakepit is a bright and fresh revisit to one of St Kilda’s most famous bars.
I met the new manager at the recreated George Hotel basement bar now called The George Lounge, Chris Finn, when I was looking for venues for the next St Kilda writer’s Week and he is going to be a great new asset to the St Kilda arts and music community, and he has a very interesting story driven by COVID.
He has been actively involved in the hospitality, Arts and LGBTQ+ communities for over 10 years with a strong focus on local and upcoming talent.

When he relocated to Melbourne from Brisbane back in February with high hopes of creating more inclusive safe and accepting spaces for everyone regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or race. Then COVID struck!

He was faced with the decision to travel back to Brisbane or stay in Melbourne and experience a covid normal lifestyle and be a part of the rebuilding of some truly amazing industries. Never one to shy away from a challenge he stayed and waited patiently for his opportunity.

Fast forward 7 months. He stumbled across a little basement bar in St Kilda called the George Lounge who was looking for a new venue manager. After doing some research and discovered this little bar had quite the colourful past, from a rough watering hole for locals to a busy little nightclub and once a swanky cocktail bar, this place had locals smiling with all the memories people had shared over the years. He jumped at the opportunity to be involved and breath fresh life into this iconic hotspot.  
The Snakepit had a bit of a facelift recently and with its retro fit-out and classy decor it is now ready for its new chapter as The George Lounge. Whether it’s a fun night of Trivia (every Thursday night), a chilled vibe to reminisce the past, a location for your next big party or a fun night out to see some local artist perform The George Lounge is gearing up for a massive 2021 and wants the community involved.
They are now on the lookout for artists of every kind to come to showcase their skills in an intimate and personal space for memorable experiences for all to enjoy. Any expressions of interest are welcome by contacting The George Lounge directly through the website or via Facebook.
It is a surprisingly fresh new look in The Snakepit and isn’t wonderful that Chris and the publicans wish to embrace its historical name!
We are very excited about this new chapter and look forward to to seeing once again this awesome basement bar becoming one of Fitzroy Streets favourite hotspots.