When you have a used car that needs to be disposed of, you want a fair price. You want a hassle-free sale whilst at the same time getting good money for it.

While this may be your dream, it can be a reality.

Of course, you could advertise and sell your vehicle privately, this takes time and effort. It is definitely not the easiest way.

Instead you are much better off to sell to a reputable company that specialises in buying cars. These companies come to you, pay you’re a fair market price and make the whole process fast and simple.

Advantages of Selling a Used Car to a Reputable Company

A reputable company will pay based on its worth, and this is one reason most sellers take the option. Another thing, they will buy a wide range of different types of vehicles.

It is a hassle-free way to earn some money as they will also handle all the documentation. It is simple since once you contact them and provide the required details, the whole process is quick..

A reliable car dealer takes care of the transfer of ownership paperwork and offers guidance until the sale is complete. There should be no difficulties during the process.

Choose a company that will serve you like royalty. They come to the location, inspect it, and if they are satisfied it is in good working condition, they pay cash. It is a flawless way to sell a used car.

Another benefit of dealing with a second-hand car buying company when compared to a private seller is you can be confident that you will get paid, without the money being delayed.

Required Details

Try to be as accurate as possible. Where is the location of the car? Also, the number plate, year, make, and model is crucial as these will help them determine your valuation.

Do not forget to mention the technology in place, any damages, and even wear and tear. The condition of the car is crucial, as it determines how much the car is worth.

Keep in mind that an onsite inspection will be conducted at your convenience, and it is what will determine the final buying price.

Thus, rather than being disappointed by the final price, it is fundamental to give accurate details from the start.

The Price

The car price will depend on the details given to the company representative. They will also inspect onsite.

Whatever your goal is, you need to be realistic. Have you compared the quote offered to the market price? It is one of the things to consider.

There are car magazines and various websites where you can compare prices.

A company that buys a used car will give a reasonable price after taking into account its current condition. If your asking price is unreasonably high, you might end up having a hard time selling it.

Documentation Needed

A successful transfer requires both parties to sign the required documents. Your current driver’s license and the car’s registration certificate are also required to prove ownership rights.

The sale will be flawless if these two are available, but if they are missing, there are alternatives.

Besides these two documents, utility bills, passports, or bank statements may be provided as proof of address. When you are paid cash, you will not be required to provide bank account details.

Be Honest From the Word Go

If you are looking for a buyer for your used vehicle, be honest from the word go. It will make the process seamless and you will not regret it along the way.

It is a shame when one gives incorrect details, they are offered a high price for the vehicle only for it to be lowered when it is physically inspected.

Even the smallest details such as dents, wear and tear, and potential damages should not be skipped.

When requesting a quote, your email address, full name, and phone number will be required. They are for sending the quote only.

The Time It Takes To Complete the Sale

When selling a used car privately, it is common for it to be a hassle. The potential buyer might have many demands, time to think, and even road test it.

With a reputable company, in less than two hours, you know whether you will be selling to them or not.

When you reach them on the phone or online, you give details of the car, it should only take about ten minutes to get a quote.

Then, a thorough inspection onsite and road test to ensure it is in good working condition will take about 30 minutes.

Waiting for the Payment

You should not wait for payment when you agree on the quoted price. A non-obligatory price is offered, which you can choose to take or reject.

If you choose to take it, you should not wait for the payment for months, weeks, or even hours. The payment is done on the spot. Your car will not be driven away without being paid in full.

It is hassle-free and gives the car owner peace of mind as they don’t have to follow up for payments.


No matter your reason for selling your current car. Maybe you want to upgrade to a safer vehicle?

Either way, selling a used car should not be a hassle and, especially when they are in good working condition. This is regardless of its year, make, or model.

The most important thing is to work with a reputable company that gives a fair price. This reduces time-wasting or risk of the car being stolen. This process allows you to sell the car in a matter of hours.

Accepting the quote means you agree with the terms and conditions. Within no time and at your convenience, it is inspected, you are paid, and it is driven away.

Perhaps, the vehicle that you want to sell is not for private use. It could be a business or a commercial vehicle. As long as it is in good working condition, you can sell it this way.

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