Tanya Lee Davies Duetting Damsel
Tanya Lee Davies Duetting Damsel


Steve Lucas, Peter Baylor and Alex Buxton

Juliet was exhausted. She had crawled across desert sands, climbed mountain ranges and courted fourteen men to get here.

Tanya-Lee Davies has recorded a sonic shrine to her long time love affair with the boy/ girl duet and is bringing three of her dancing partners to The Dogs Bar’s Acland Folk Club to serenade you with songs from the new album The Duetting Damsel.

Pared back with only guitar, piano and voice between you and songs by Hank Williams, Freddy Fender, The Beatles, Lucinda Williams, Burt Bacharach and other maestros, we’ll be traversing tales of love going wrong & right, heartaches & joy, tears & highways,thrills & spills.


The Dogs Bar – Acland Folk Club

54 Acland St, St Kilda 
September 27th 2018
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Tickets – $15.50 – 40 tickets only


With Sam Lemann – guitar and John Thorn – piano

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