FRIDAY 02 NOV, 2018

Kastoria Music Club 219 Elizabeth St, Coburg Nth

Line Up


Tanya-Lee Davies has turned her attention to a long time love affair with the boy/girl duet & has recorded a sonic shrine to the co-mingling of male/female voice.

Fourteen men, one girl, some of Melbourne’s most glorious musicians traverse highways and heartache, love going wrong & right, heartache & joy, tears & highways,thrill and epic spills. 

This is the first in a series of launches  and features five of Tanya-Lee’s duetting Gentlemen Friends : Matt Walker, Robert Susz (Dynamic Hepnotics) Steve Lucas (X) Benny Peters and Alex Buxton with The Soldiers of Love band. 

Paying tribute to the songs of Hank Williams, Freddy Fender, The Beatles, Burt Bacharach and Lucinda Williams there’s no mountain or key change that can’t be climbed to bring the joy of the blended voice to you.