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The Digits Game






We were at a bar watching some randos play bball to hip hop musik in a graffiti covered laneway, when The Sprink had an idea. ‘Oi – you guys wanna play The Digits Game?’ Three enthusiastic faces nodded. Then Tessa (looks like Delta, sadly also dances like Delta) enquired ‘What is it?

The Digits Game
Min 4 players: Fake Delta, Alex The Rock-Climber, Dom The Viking, The Sprink.
Concept: Dating apps are foul and full of people with snapchat filters and sunglasses on. Four singles go to four venues with the intention of getting phone numbers IRL (god forbid).
Strategy: A different pick-up technique at each venue.

Venue 1 – Storyville
Technique: The classic 3 second hold – easiest play of all time, holding eye contact for two seconds longer than necessary. If they hold it back, you are in.
Action: Dom The Viking, eye-contact established, rolled out the best follow-up line eva, “I’m meeting a girl tonight who is a 10/10 – here this is a pic of her” and handed his camera on selfie mode to her. The line was 91.5 Smooth AF and worked, the lass was keen… until Delta got too competitive and sabotaged, “Oh is my bf annoying you?” (I also feel this is something The Real Delta would do). Alex The Rock Climber spent the entire time staring shyly at the wall. The Sprink headed to the bar.
Result: The Sprink = 1: evrryone else = 0

Venue 2 – Union Electric
Technique:  ‘Hey don’t I know you from somewhere? Is it Bumble?’ Excellent line establishing if they too, are single.
Action: The Viking was still mad at Fake Delta and was spilling neggo vibes everywhere but ended up getting the phone number of a guy from Tokyo. Fake Delta weirdly kept reconfirming that this bar was “double the points”, then literally looked at a guy for 0.23 seconds and BAM, digit swap. The Rock Climber spent 30min staring at the table (is really shy) and The Sprink yelled at him.
Result: The Sprink = 1: Delta = 2 (?); Viking: 1 (questionable): Rock Climber = 0

Venue 3 – Hana Bar
Technique:  Negging (backhanded compliments).
Action: Delta pulled KFC chips out of her bag and started snacking (bro were they there the whole night?) then started getting texts from her guy, to whom she only replied in Meatloaf lyrics. Sprink started getting texts from her dude which were boring (comparatively). Viking was still mad “This is the most sexist game I have ever played” and Rock-Climber was hating life and wanted to go home. So we all bailed. GAME OVER.
FINAL Result: The Sprink = 1: Delta = 2 (?); Viking = 0 (we decided unless he was going to pash the guy it doesn’t count); Rock Climber = 0.

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