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No matter what industry you work in, the internet is a goldmine for potential customers or clients. However, with so much information available in the online world, it can be difficult to reign-in and utilise only the  data that is relevant to your specific industry and client-base.

Fortunately, Data Scraping has been developed as the most powerful way to collect data from multiple online sources. Using coded predictive analysis, web scrapers are able to detect information from a variety of sources, and collate it as data that can be read, understood and actioned by any professional.

Web scraping can also be utilised in any industry, as it can be programmed to target only the websites and content that are relevant to your business or service offering. Therefore, web scraping services are an incredibly profitable tool for businesses of any size, in any industry. Read on to find out how your business can benefit from web scraping, no matter what industry you work in.

Real Estate

The internet is the most important tool at the disposal of any real estate agent or potential home buyer. In fact, over 40% of property enquiries stem from internet searches, and nine out of ten people utilise the internet to search for their next dream home.

Property Pricing

The Real Estate industry has been revolutionised by the power of web scraping, offering significant benefits to both potential buyers and agents. Web scraping tools can be utilised by agents to track property prices within the area of any new listing. This ensures that the house is listed at an attractive price for potential buyers.

Property Investment

Remaining updated on changing neighbourhood property prices, is essential for any competitive property manager. Web scraping providers property managers with accurate and current data on prices within the area of any property they manage. This means that managers can ensure that their pricing remains competitive, and in-line with the current housing market.  


Web scraping is essential for any business that sells a product or service with other competitors on the market. Web scraping services allow a business to attain actionable insights into any changes made by their competitors. These changes could be sales, promotions, price increases and new products or services. Advances web scrapers are programmed to detect such changes, so you become immediately aware of any movements by your competitors, that may affect your business.

Public Relations

Web scraping is the new frontier in business reputation management. Online reputation management is the difference between a thriving and a struggling business, as the majority of consumers look online to gain reviews about products or services.

Web scraping is the most effective way to track a businesses online presence. Without web scraping, it is only possible for a business to attain a small portion of customer feedback and reviews. With data now available from numerous platforms including websites, search engines and social media, it is essential for any PR firm to have immediate access to all available data.

Web scrapers are able to collate user data from a variety of platforms, into one easy report. It is therefore the most effective tool to track online presence, including any negative reviews relating to a business.


Effectively marketing any business is predicated on reaching the businesses target client or audience. Web scraping tools are able to collect key information that is integral to the success of any marketing campaign. By utilising web scraping tools, marketing professionals can extract data in relation to the current online activity of any client business. This can include the most prominent demographic of clients that visit the website and make purchases, and even the locations of the audience that the business is reaching.

This information is integral to the success of any marketing campaign, and ensures that any marketing efforts and budget dollars are not wasted.


Web Scraping is an integral tool for businesses within any industry that hope to outlast competitors, and provide their customers and clients with A-grade customer service. Utilising web scraping services is therefore the most effective way of helping your business thrive within any industry.