the countertop creative: 7 surprising ways to get the most out of your blender

Are you thinking of purchasing a new blender? Perhaps you already own one and it is just sitting on your countertop collecting dust. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are only so many smoothies that one can stomach, which is often why people end up leaving their blenders untouched after a few months of intense usage.

Well, fret not. In today’s article, we will show you 7 surprising ways to get the most out of your blenders. Say goodbye to sad smoothies and sullen soups and hello to a world full of innovative blender recipes and dishes that you can make with your trusty blender. Read on to find out more!


Frozen Fruit Sorbet


Don’t want to pay top dollar for overpriced frozen fruit sorbet at the supermarket? Well, you’re in luck. Did you know that with just a handful of ingredients and a high powered blender, you’re able to make a ton of different frozen fruit sorbets and healthy ice creams in just a few minutes? In fact, this subgenre of ice cream has even been given a name – “Nice Cream”. “Nice Cream” refers to ice cream that is made out of frozen fruits and vegetables with the help of a powerful blender. Simply chuck some frozen Banana, Pineapple and Mango into your blender, turn it on and in a few, you’ll be rewarded with some of the healthiest and tastiest sorbet that your taste buds have ever experienced. For a list of different recipe combinations, click here


Homemade Condiments


Why buy condiments when you have a blender to make your own? Whether you’re looking to create salad dressings, mayonnaise or even your own ketchup, there are numerous recipes online that will instruct you on how to use your blender to create your favourite condiments. The best part about making your own condiments in your blender is that you get to control the ingredients you use and you can even swap out ingredients to fit your personal dietary needs. Win-win! 


Say Goodbye To Overpriced Nut Butter


Sick of spending $20 on a tiny jar of almond butter? Well, your blender is here to save the day (and your bank account). Simply tip in some roasted nuts into a high power blender, and within minutes, you’ll be rewarded with fresh, silky and smooth nut butter. You can use any type of nut you fancy, from peanuts to almonds to macadamias. The options are endless, and you won’t break the bank either! 


Quality Ground Meat


This one’s for the carnivores – if you’re looking for the best quality ground meat, your best bet is to make it yourself. Simply cube your meat, throw it in your blender with a few spices and seasonings and you’re ready to get mincing! Whether you’re making a bolognese or a burger patty you will be able to ensure that each bite will have a burst of flavour and be free from any nasty add-ins that you may find in commercial ground meat. 


A Cheeky Beverage 


Did you know that your home blender is the perfect cocktail maker? It can crush ice, fruit and syrups to make some of the most delicious homemade cocktails you’ll ever experience. Frozen raspberries chucked into the blender create a beautiful blood-red sangria, whilst frozen mangoes blended with some lime juice and tequila result in the perfect homemade mango margarita. Options are once again, endless, so get blending and thank us later! 


Delicious Desserts


Making delicious desserts such as Tiramisu and Mousse can seem intimidating, but with a blender, the process is made just that much easier. Hand whipping cream can prove to be too much of an arm workout for most, so why not make your blender do the hard work for you? Within a matter of minutes, you’ll have light and fluffy mousse or whipped cream, ready to be enjoyed on its own or added to any dessert recipe you’re attempting to make! 


Homemade Flours


Last but certainly by no means least, did you know that a powerful home blender is capable of making homemade flours? Simply chuck your grain of choice into your blender and turn it on high for a few minutes, and hey presto – homemade flour! This works with nuts, oats, quinoa and even rice, allowing you to make inexpensive fresh flours in the comfort of your own home. Your baking just got a heck of a lot better!

And there you have it – 7 innovative ways to use your blender that do not involve smoothies or soups. It’s time to get blending!