The Challenges of COVID‐19 for Divorcing Families

the challenges of covid‐19 for divorcing families

Being alive in the middle of a raging worldwide pandemic might not be the hardest thing in the world, but it’s definitely not the easiest either. Being away from your loved ones, separated from your friends, and faced with an order to stay at home is horrible for everyone, but just imagine how this situation affects divorcing families. There are lots of parents who have realized that their marriage doesn’t make sense anymore, but haven’t finalized their divorce before the outbreak of this pandemic. 

So, how is COVID-19 affecting these families?

Being stuck together isn’t always good

the challenges of covid‐19 for divorcing families


Even though most people don’t mind being at home and having an opportunity to spend more time with their family, this isn’t true for everyone. Namely, people who are thinking about divorce or are planning it don’t really enjoy being locked down together with a person they don’t care about the way they did before. That’s why these people are looking for a way out – literally and figuratively – and making the most of every chance they have to do so.

In addition to that, this situation isn’t hard just for people who are about to get divorced but for those who haven’t thought about it before. Being stuck together isn’t always good, especially for people who aren’t used to this scenario and who prefer being outside the house more than usual. Some countries, such as Australia, for instance, are experiencing a jump in the number of couples who are contemplating divorce precisely because of the lockdown. Having these feelings is hard, but hiding them and pretending everything is perfect isn’t good either.

Trying to meet halfway

Whether you’re already divorced or thinking about, giving your marriage another shot is always a good idea. This is particularly true during these hard times because this is the right moment for all families to stay together. No matter what happens, these are the people who you can trust and rely on, and that’s massively important right now. That’s why at least trying to meet halfway is crucial.

Doing this is never easy, and it’s now harder than ever precisely because of the restrictions and regulations that are ruling our lives. Still, if you make an effort – and this means if you both make an effort – and try to understand your partner and their point of view, you can make a small change for the better. This change can lead to new changes, and you might get out of the lockdown stronger than ever.

What if there’s no going back?

the challenges of covid‐19 for divorcing families


On the other hand, if your marriage is over, there’s no reason to deny that and try to act it’s all good. You need to face the fact and live with them, trying to make the most of this situation. This is true for parents all over the world, from the aforementioned Australians to Canadians and everyone in between.

So, if there’s no going back, you need to end your marriage in the quickest and most effective way possible. If you need help doing that, you can always look for those experienced family lawyers from North Brisbane who will hear you out and help you as much as they can. Having a great lawyer is vital in this situation, and it could mean the difference between winning custody over your kids or being left without them, so don’t be afraid to find those professional lawyers who will take your side and fight for you until the end.

Work together for the sake of your children

the challenges of covid‐19 for divorcing families


In the end, it doesn’t matter if you and your partner love each other anymore – what’s important is that you love your kids, and that’s something that can’t change that easily. Precisely because of that, you two need to work together for their sake and do everything you can to keep them safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While this might be easy to say and think, turning that plan into reality and executing it day after day is far from easy. Keeping your loved ones safe during this pandemic requires a number of actions, from talking to them to teaching them to wash their hands, wear their masks, and avoid contact with other people. These are all things parents need to be doing together, regardless of how they feel towards each other, so set aside your differences and work as a team to help your kids survive the pandemic more easily and successfully.


Going through a divorce is always a challenge, both for each parent individually and a family as a whole, and it’s all much harder while COVID-19 is around us. But, if you make a proper plan and know what your end goals are, you’ll be able to go through this pandemic and your divorce without any obstacles, preserving your health and your kids’ health as well.