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The Buyers Guide to the Best Vacuum Sealers in Australia 2021



Preparing healthy and fresh meals in advance and storing them away for later is easy with the best vacuum sealer machine.

A vacuum sealer is the ideal solution for busy families, meat and vegetable lovers, or anyone looking to get all their meal preparation done early.

Even so, if you’ve never had a vacuum sealing machine before, it can be a bit daunting to choose the best one.

The following is a guide to the best vacuum sealer in Australia and options for the best food saver- so don’t worry if you’re wondering what it is!

How Do Vacuum Sealers Work?

A vacuum sealer is a machine used to remove air from the packaging before sealing its contents. 

The most important benefit of purchasing a food vacuum machine is that it extends the shelf life of food. A vacuum food sealer machine helps slow the deterioration process caused by bacteria by removing most of the oxygen from around the food during storage compared to simply storing food in bags, plastic wrap, or containers. Vacuum sealer food machines significantly increase the longevity of your food because they can increase its life by five times.

Generally, vacuum packaging is ideal for refrigerated or frozen foods such as meat, vegetables, and soups. When it comes to bulk purchasing or larger quantities of food preparation, a home vacuum sealer machine in Australia is the perfect solution for you.

Before choosing a vacuum sealer, consider these factors:


A vacuum sealer’s purpose is to keep the contents fresh for long periods, so the strongest machine available that can absorb all the air is the most important thing to consider in choosing your vacuum sealer. It is usually stated in inches of mercury (inHg), and 15-25 are considered suitable for domestic use. The wattage of a motor also indicates the machine’s power.


If you are going to seal a range of different foods, then you need a vacuum sealer that can seal different bags. In the case of a chamber vacuum sealer, the item that will be sealed must completely fit inside the machine.

What else to consider

You can compare food vacuum sealer reviews in Australia by looking at the following details:


If you’re going to seal a variety of items, you may want an external vacuum sealer that supports various accessories/attachments. For example, jar sealer attachments, marinating canisters, and bottle stoppers are all available to buy as attachment accessories. 

Noise Level

The noise from external vacuum sealers is similar to that from a household vacuum cleaner. An industrial vacuum sealer is far quieter than a chamber vacuum sealer. You may or may not find this issue an issue depending on how often you plan on using your machine. To determine what other customers think of the noise level, read customer reviews.


There are some good food vacuum sealers on the market in Australia that have a manual button or a pulse button, which will let you slowly pressurize the bag and stop the machine before it crushes the food. Other controls to consider include control overpressure and a cancel button.

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