Spotted Gum Timber
Spotted Gum Timber

The word deck can be used for various things. It can be the deck of a ship or a wooden structure that is constructed in outdoor premises where people can walk. A deck is usually constructed on an elevated place that is adjoining a building. Another kind of deck is a roof deck. You can install a separate wooden deck on your roof. People mostly choose wooden deck because they are durable, stylish and timber deck can be recycled in the future.

Features of spotted gum decking timber

  • The spotted gum decking timber is obtained from an Australian hardwood species. People always choose some decking and building materials which can protect their property from bushfire. In this case, spotted gum decking timber is an excellent choice bushfire prone area.
  • Spotted gum is famous for its durability and strength which are essential for the construction of different types of decks. You can customize these decks in a deferent way, and you can make the different parts of this deck and assemble the same on your location.
  • The spotted gum decking timber is also known as Eucalyptus Maculate, CorymbiaHenryi, and Eucalyptus Citriodora.
  • The heartwood of spotted gum decking timber ranges from light brown to darker brown whereas the sapwood ranges from white to light brown. So you can choose any color according to your choice.

    Spotted Gum Timber
    Spotted Gum Timber
  • Spotted gum has a coarse texture and wavy grain which gives the timber its attractive spotted look.
  • Spotted gum timber comes with its natural oil finishes which make carving decks out of it very convenient. Apart from that, these dense decking materials shrinks very little compared with other timbers
  • Spotted gum timber absorbs oil and stains which makes it a huge favorite for decking. You can use such decking materials on high-traffic areas and you do not need to spend a huge maintenance cost on it.

Why is spotted gum ideal for decking?

  • Spotted gum timber is very hard and dense. It does not shrink and can exist for lengthy years if treated properly. Therefore, it is perfect for decks that require long life.
  • The spotted gum decking timber is fire resistant and is therefore ideal for bushfire-prone areas. Therefore, they are perfect for roof decking and garden decking, especially if you live in a fire-prone area.
  • The spotted gum decking timber is termite resistant, and you do not need to spend any additional cost for their termite treatment.
  • The spotted gum decking timber is also decay-resistant and ideal to be used for ship, roof and garden decking. These places are vulnerable to rain and other forms of moisture. Spotted gum timber can withstand these weather conditions naturally.
Spotted Gum Timber
Spotted Gum Timber

4 other timbers best for decking:

  • Treated pine- Treated pine is an affordable option for decking. It is widely available and belongs to the softwood species. It is less sturdy when compared to spotted gum, but if treated properly then it becomes rot and infestation resistant.
  • Jarrah- Jarrah is widely used as a decking timber because it is insect and fire-resistant. It is strong and durable and very attractive with its rich burgundy color.
  • Ironbark- Ironbark is the best timber for decking because it is highly dense and heavy. Ironbark is the most favorite with deck builders because of its resistance to fire and termite. The only cons of Ironbark are it is expensive and hard to drill.
  • Blackbutt- Blackbutt is very durable and attractive. It is used for decking in fire-prone areas because it is naturally fire-resistant.

Today’s article is about spotted gum decking timber and why it is the best for decking. The article also gives an idea of other types of timber best suited for decking.