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The Beginning






Ah, Melbourne. Funny I say that, “Ah, Melbourne” was my very first Instagram caption on the first glimpse of my many candid taken photos of me in Melbourne. Speaking of that photo..that photo was taken roughly eight days after I experienced the cruel existence of heartbreak for the first time, and hey! Here i am three months later, and I still feel it a little bit. Thats okay. I always knew my first heartbreak would suck, I knew that it would hit me in the feels. Although you truly cant grasp that type of pain until you experience it. No perfect words or metaphors can pinpoint heartbreak, you know it and understand it when you feel it.

Anyway, thats for another time. Where was I again? Ah, Melbourne…You have been something. Its weird because I’m only eighteen yet sometimes you make me feel like I’m thirty. I never quite understood this big world until I finally looked at it with my own two eyes. Some people really don’t like their job, I’ve realised that. Others struggle to keep warm during Melbourne’s coldest days on St Kilda’s well known Acland street, Ive also realised that. Some even settle to selling their bodies- that, I’ve also unfortunately realised. We all have that one thing in common despite our differences, that being we are all just trying to make it through day by day. I ALSO never thought that I would become a coffee drinker, but the daily trips to the Vineyard with my dad quickly made that thought extinct. There are so many differences between my prior home known as the beautiful Gold Coast and my new surrounding Melbourne. Did I even mention that? Or better yet, my name? Lets back track a little..

I was originally born in Melbourne and later moved to the Gold coast, reason being my parents split. My dad remained in Melbourne whilst my Mum, Brother and I packed our bags and made our way to the sunny side. Three words, I LOVED it, but it wasn’t home. Melbourne was. It might sound silly and feel free to laugh, but if I were to sit on Surfers Paradise beach, make myself comfortable and read a book, I’d probably give off a “loser” vibe, kinda like the sound of the waves were my only friend, but in Melbourne? I mean, I feel like I kinda look cool. I kinda dig my own company. I also dig the fashion, the big scarfs, furred jackets, styled beanies..that girly stuff. My personal favourite here is the people, now THAT I really dig. The wide variety of personalities and culture here is so overwhelmingly beautiful. It was only the other week my dad asked me if I had $2 to pay for the parking lot we were in, before I could even speak a bystander overheard and threw us a $2 coin followed by a simple “Have a good day guys!” No favour in return, no stutter. Now that is what I’m talking about.

A few days ago, I hit that age. You know, the age everyone raves about? The age where its finally legal to walk into a BWS liquor store WITHOUT parental supervision, the age where you can finally watch R rated movies. The age where I’m now so much more free to be and do whatever I want.. I’ll give you a hint, it starts with one and ends in eight. Im finally eighteen. If I have learnt, seen and grasped as much as I have at seventeen, I cannot wait for eighteen to educate me. The pubs. Bars. Clubs. I have never felt more ready for anything in my whole entire life, the whole world is at my fingertip and I have the power to blossom into anybody I want to be. I don’t exactly know what that is yet either, but the journey to self discovery is so god damn exciting and liberating.

So thats really it, I’m a freshly new eighteen year old living in the heart of St Kilda, drinking way too many coffees and making the repetitive habit of writing while the city sleeps. Oh, and my name! My name is Alexandra Bolton, and just like everyone else, Im on the journey of completely and utterly finding myself in this big, scary BUT delightful world.

I hope you can give me the opportunity to take you along with me.

Yours truly

Alexandra Bolton


Michael Hunt

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