The Age of Aquarius is almost upon us, so is February.

the age of aquarius is almost upon us, so is february.

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Welcome to the new decade. I now refer to 2020 as The Year of Clear Vision.
It’s been apocalyptic over here in the east and no sign of relief just yet.

My first shows for twenty-twenty are pretty eclectic, I’m aiming to cover as many bases as possible.

Here we go…

Sun Feb 2nd at The Acland Folk Club I’m excited to join Terry Serio, who’s travelling down the Hume for a rare gem of a performance with his band; Charlie Owen, Billy Pommer Jnr & Kathryn Brownhill. Terry’s songs remind me of short films put to music, the pr says they’re ‘gorgeous & gritty songs of circus, love, the land and redemption’. His writing is as edgy as it is beautiful.

Terry’s star sign is Scorpio.

3 pm start – 40 tickets only

…. here’s the link

Sat 15th Feb at Transit Lounge in Fed Square behold an R&B extravaganza with Sam Lemann leading the charge as I plough through as many of my favourite mid-century hits as is humanly possible. We’ll have a bigger than usual combo, not quite as big as Texas but definitely a Californian sized band.

9-12 am. Free entrevous.

Sam’s star sign is Leo.

Wed 19th Feb I’m back at The Dogs Bar with my trio of absurdly talented gentlemen for another femmetastic round of girl singer/writer worship. I’ve been loving these Wednesday nights, low fidelity and high return considering that absolutely no money changes hands for your entry.

8.30 ish till 11ish

Friday 21st Feb I’ve been invited by Steve Lucas to sing and tell stories in what sounds like a very sophisticated affair, a salon no less, at The Athenaeum Library.
I LOVE a library. Especially when you’re allowed to talk.

We’ll be duetting, I’ll sing on Steve’s tunes and he’ll accompany me on a few of the mine from the almost, gotta be ready soon, (surely???) Album that I’m mixing at Union St Studios with Roger Bergodaz.

Level 1, 188 Collins St, Melbourne. 7pm.

Tix via website

Steve is a Virgo.

I’m a Piscean and I’m outta here, see you in the shadows. xx TLD