And the Audience love it 

“It’s about time we Australians can truly have sincere laughs, so make sure you see The Wolves Theatre’s ADRIFTING THROUGH THE VOMIT GENERATION!  That is, if you want to have a sincerely enjoyable evening , but be careful it leaves you questioning everything.”
 ~Alicia Lilley Soul Theatre                                                                 

The Wolves first comedy is now live

A full-length play that is suitable for all.

Yes it has an intermission.

And yes the four women characters do occasionally swear.

The Themes

In order to endure the mediocrity and tragedy’s inescapable hunger
The Gods gave us three gifts, Laughter, Love and each other.
Michael Gray Griffith Playwright

The Synopsis

Margaret, a wealthy and notoriously stingy grandmother has turned up at her daughter, Diana’s house in a Winnebago. Diana is facing foreclosure, but rather than bail her out, Margaret is claiming that she has given all her money to charity and she wants Di to forget her dream of home ownership and spend the rest of her life, living with her

on the road.

Is she lying?
Has she gone crazy?
Or has she actually found something good?

Michael Gray Griffith’s new comedy has the heart to spark an Invisible Generation Revolution.

“I love this script!”
~Amanda Muggleton Actor

“Michael Gray Griffith is an outstanding playwright”
~Aarne Neeme

Margaret: Yvonne Matthew
Diana : Rohana Hayes
Taylor : Rebecca Ann Bentley
Magnolia : Angelique Malcolm

The Wolves Theatre Company are determined to show that mature creatives can be original, challenging and pertinent. They write and produce bold, contemporary pieces aimed at the 40 plus demographic.


Kew Courthouse Theatre
188 High St, Kew VIC 3101
23rd Jan-1st Feb

Book now.
A Wolves Theatre Company Production


Rebecca Ann Bentley plays Taylor


Rohana Hayes plays Diana

Angelique Malcolm plays Magnolia
Yvonne Mathew plays Margaret

The Wolves Theatre Company was formed out of a determination to show that in an ageist society mature creatives could be original, challenging and pertinent. Now they are carving a name for themselves as one of the most innovative and exciting contemporary theatre companies in the country.

Their growing pack produce their own bold, engaging and poignant pieces aimed mainly at the 40 plus demographic.

‘They Dream, They Dare, They Deliver.’


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