So you’ve decided that you want to host an event and gather a group of people together for a single purpose. Whether to party, dance, or do something more professional like a business conference or seminar, we got you covered. Here are a few tips you can consider to guarantee that your time as a host will be one that nobody will forget.

Pick a venue

This seems like a no-brainer, but the right venue can really make or break an event. You need to consider how many people you are expecting to show up and the purpose of the event. If it’s a concert or a party, you will need a large dance area and multiple exits for safety, of course. If it’s a conference, think about where you will be able to set up the chairs and stage for the dozens of people and speakers participating. Are you holding events? Don’t forget to create a traffic plan.

Great and help the guests navigate

Of course, if you have a large budget for your gathering, you will be having a team of people like a professional event hire Sydney team helping you organize and host the event. But whether it’s you or a small team of people, remember that each guest should be greeted at the door. After greetings, show them where they can hang their coats, the bathroom, their table, food, exits, main stage, etc. You don’t want them wandering around lost or confused the entire night.

Social networking

We live in the age of technology and communication, so you will have to be encouraging people to take photos of the event and post them on their social network. This will create the atmosphere that this event is a real ‘happening’ and the place to be. Also, it will spread the word about your successful hosting skills and possibly benefit you in your future event planning, not to mention some great memories.


The last thing anyone wants to see at an event is people sitting bored and tired, just waiting for the right moment to leave. It is crucial that you are the leader who gets things going and encourages others to participate in the event. If it’s a party, help people to the dance floor or mingle; if it’s a conference or a workshop, assist them in getting involved.

First one in, last one out

When it’s all said and done, remember that you are the captain of this ship, and you need to be the last one left. Say farewell to the guests, check the venue, make sure that everything is okay, and settle any agreements you made with the venue owners. After you’ve made sure that everything is sorted, you can go home and rest easy.

There you have it, just a few pointers on how you can host an awesome event and look like a pro. The most important thing we left out is to have fun and stay relaxed; the guests look to you for good vibes and energy!

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

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