Live Music Lives at The Adelaide Fringe Festival!!

Waiting for Adelaide’s own Rumours to take the stage to a full house at the Arkaba Hotel, remembering that it was about this time a year ago, as we were attending our very last Fringe show for 2020, that the world suddenly changed.

We felt slightly apprehensive attending the Comedy Pub Crawl last year.  A number of the comedians said their shows were cancelling all over Melbourne, where many were headed for their next festival. What is this virus we keep hearing about?  Little did we know what a year our world was about to experience!

Fringe Festival time in Adelaide, also know as Mad March, is when our town becomes more alive and more vibrant.  One year on, in the familiar surroundings of one of our favourite venues, we feel blessed in Australia, and especially, in South Australia.  We will never again take the opportunity to enjoy live entertainment with our friends for granted.

Anticipation fills the room, drinks are bought, the dancefloor is lit, and lights dim as one of South Australia’s greatest treasures hit the stage.rumours from facebookForming in 2014, Rumours contains the who’s who of the local music scene – each member a successful seasoned performer in their own right; some playing in a number of other bands.  Rumours members are SA’s leading session backing band behind visiting musical greats John ‘Swanee’ Swan, Glenn Shorrock, Brian Cadd, Russell Morris, Rick Price, Wendy Matthews, Phil Emmanuel, John Brewster (Angels) and Ross Wilson.

Named in honour of Fleetwood Mac’s most famous album selling more than 100 million copies to date, the band focuses on the 1975-85 Nicks/Buckingham/Mc Vie/Fleetwood line up featuring songs from the albums ‘Rumours’, ‘Fleetwood Mac’, ‘Tusk’ and ‘Mirage’, including note-perfect renditions of classic songs.  Tight 3-part harmonies, attention to detail in sound and production, this show is as close to the sound of Fleetwood Mac as the real thing.

SA Music Hall of Fame inductee and member of the industry since 1975, Rob’s credits as a trainer, musical director, lead guitarist, songwriter, concert producer, record producer, manager, educator and studio owner are way too numerous to mention. 

He has played with almost every artist to grace our shores including Angry Anderson, Brian Cadd, Daryl Braithwaite, Doc Neeson, Glen Shorrock, Joe Camelleri, John Schumann, John Paul Young, Mark Holden, Normie Rowe, Ross Wilson, Russell Morris and The Twilights, was a founding member of Zep Boys from 1986 to 2005 and recently spent five years with The 1965 Masters Apprentices.

Nanette began playing violin, piano and singing during her school years, completing a Bachelor of Arts – majoring in Performing Arts, in the vocal genre of Opera.  She then entered a career in education as a high school music teacher, progressing to the level of Principal and currently working as a Director of Education. 

Her tandem career in the music industry has spanned more than 30 years which has seen Nanette perform alongside many leading national artists including Mark Holden, Russell Morris, Swanee, Rick Price, Wendy Matthews, Daryl Braithwaite and Peter Cupples, was with Hothouse for 15 years and part of the 1965 Masters Apprentices for five.

Rob is a 70s veteran having performed with Le Rox, Jennie and the Jets and currently performing with Chunky Custard and The Stones Show.

A Rob Pippan band member since 2011, Matt has also worked with The 1965 Masters Apprentices and John Brewster, and is currently with Chunky Custard and Flaming Sambucas.

A veteran performer since the 80s, an in demand bassist and acoustic player and a regular with Glenn Shorrock.

A 70s veteran from Brenton Roberts Band, Mad Dogs and Tow Boys.  He is the states’ most in demand session singer, a member of Rob Pippan Band and also performs with Acoustic Juice, John Schumann and Classic Bruce. 

Shaun is the leading session bass player to countless artists since the 80s in both jazz and rock.

that radio chick cheryl lee reviews rumours – the fleetwood mac show
Photo Credit: Sue Tomlinson

Two great sets consisted of all the Fleetwood Mac favourites.  Very difficult to pick a highlight from a list of such iconic songs.  Of note were Matt’s drum solo during ‘Tusk’ and the ‘Black Magic Woman’ encore where each band member had their turn to shine.  ‘Dreams’ and ‘You Make Loving Fun’ were definitely crowd favourites.

rumours setrumours set

Not surprisingly, the evening show quickly sold out, so a matinee session was added by popular demand.

The stage background had two large screens where photos and videos of Fleetwood Mac played throughout the night, bringing back memories of a different time in a different era. Lead singer Nanette tells stories and anecdotes between songs about the enigmatic band that was Fleetwood Mac. Nanette says Rumours are not a tribute band, they don’t mimic Fleetwood Mac, but they are a band that plays tribute to the music of Fleetwood Mac ….. and that they did …. very well.

that radio chick cheryl lee reviews rumours – the fleetwood mac show
Photo Credit: Sue Tomlinson

Slowly but surely Adelaide fans, who haven’t been allowed to dance for such a long time, took to the small dancefloor and got their groove back on.

If you get a chance to see these guys, do, particularly if you are a fan of Fleetwood Mac and their music.  You won’t be sorry!

that radio chick cheryl lee reviews rumours – the fleetwood mac show
Apart being a lovely lady, Nanette Van Ruiten has the best legs in the business and THE best shoe collection!!
that radio chick cheryl lee reviews rumours – the fleetwood mac show
Rob Pippan & Cheryl Lee


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