iGaming Industry continues to grow despite the challenges global economy faces these days. It is projected to be worth $73.45 billion by 2024. Leaving morality of it aside, it seems that people will always find money and time to gamble, especially when technology allows them to do it in the comfort of their own home. It was technology development that fueled the growth of the entire industry and major players haven’t been blind to that fact. That is why they are constantly investing into new solutions that will make their services more accessible and increase the entertainment factor. Here are some technology innovations that will shape the future of iGaming.

Live Dealer Games

Back in day, people were highly suspicious of online iGaming, mainly because it was a new thing, just like the Internet that made it possible. As public confidence grew, so did the demands of the players, and one of the first things they demanded was a live dealer. Somehow, having a real, live person on the opposite side of the table made vastly increase the immersion factor for many players and the industry is finally able to give them that, thanks to the advancement in Internet speed and fiber optic connections becoming prevalent.

Progressive Jackpots

Megabucks was the first video slot that offered a variable jackpot, increasing potential winning after each round played. Compared to the competition that offered several hundred or in the best case several thousands of dollars as their main prize, Megabucks’ jackpots could potentially reach millions. This was the birth of progressive slot machines, which are becoming a dominant force in every online casino. The first ever progressive jackpot came in 1987 and brought the winner almost $5 million, previously an unheard-of sum of money. It helped propel the popularity of progressive jackpots to what we see today.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile phones have made it possible to be connected on the Internet wherever you go. iGaming companies were quick to realize how much potential there is in mobile gambling and were among the first to offer mobile-friendly sites, creating a new form of online gambling. Players could now place a quick bet while waiting in line or sitting in traffic on their commute to work. You can process your payments without the need to go to a bank or even fire up your computer. Everything can be done from a mobile device and the future belongs to them.

VR Gaming

Virtual Reality technology is still in its infancy, but iGaming industry is more than eager to exploit it. Why would you want to spend your evening staring at a computer screen when you can be in a luxurious Las Vegas casino, even a virtual one? As VR headsets become more and more affordable and the technology that accompanies them develops further, VR will soon become a must-have feature on every iGaming site. Paired up with a real time communication, VR has a potential to create a fully immersive surrounding, without the need to get off your sofa.

Social Gaming

Similar to playing video games, where playing in a single player mode becomes old quickly, multiplayer seems to be becoming highly popular form of iGaming. People get tired playing against the computer and demand human opponents, especially in games like poker. Outwitting your opponent is not as fun when it is just a bunch of CPUs in a server somewhere, compared to beating real person. Interestingly enough, despite the fact that the technology allowing this isn’t as advanced as some others we have mentioned, iGaming industry doesn’t seem eager to implement it fully, and even when it does, games are rarely played for real money. At least you can get bragging rights out of it.

It is impossible to imagine iGaming without technology behind it. Combined, they represent one of the most successful synergistic partnership in modern world. As the stigma of working for iGaming companies starts to wear off and more and more IT experts seek employment with one of them, the development of new technologies that will ensure the prosperity of iGaming is speeding up. These developments, in turn, open up possibilities in other sectors, so entire  T industry can benefit from iGaming technologies.