Tattoos Increasing in Popularity Along with Demand to Have Them Removed

tattoos increasing in popularity along with demand to have them removed
By AndreyPopov

Tattoos are one of the most regretted things around the world. Sometimes people get them engraved in the influence of alcohol and it leads to regrets by the morning after. Another main reason to feel bad about an existing tattoo is when you get separated from your partner and the tattoo on your body was a symbol of your love or relationship. While moving ahead from that breakup, you may also need to remove the identity of that previous person from your body. Similarly, there can be many other reasons for tattoo removal and this is the main reason why experts have identified some advanced techniques to handle this process.

Among several other technologies available in the market, laser tattoo removal is a widely accepted solution. This method allows safe tattoo removal with the least discomfort. Moreover, there are a variety of laser tattoo removal techniques that you can choose from to get rid of the unwanted symbol or artwork on your body.

With the rising demands for tattoo removal, this market is expected to rise up to $5 billion by the end of the year 2023. The field of tattoo removal is currently divided into three different categories: surgery, topical creams, and laser tattoo removal; out of which laser method is most trusted and is expected to hit the market with more than $3 billion estimates by the end of 2023.

Youngsters are the ones who regret the most about the tattoos on their body; it may sometimes happen due to military recruiting policy, medical health issues, or other job-related requirements also.

Stats about the rising demands for tattoo removal

You may find several pieces of evidence on why laser tattoo removal is gaining huge popularity around the world; especially, with the estimates of around 25% of the people in the United States regret having a tattoo on their body. Studies also reveal that almost half of all the millennials or around 30% of the total population in the United States have a tattoo on their body. With the increasing popularity of tattoos; the rise of the tattoo removal market is also expected. People may reach to the tattoo removal experts due to several reasons; potentially due to the shame or regret of a decision, they took at a younger age.

The trend is not restricted to the United States only. Surveys show that almost 19% of the people who regret having a tattoo belong to Britain and around 11% are from Italy. As the personal preferences of a person may also keep on changing with time, the idea of having a tattoo or a specific design may also change. Another main reason behind tattoo removal is the termination of marriages or relationships where the partners have engraved names of each other on their bodies.

Stats reveal that dermatologic surgeons received almost 110,000 requests for tattoo removal in the year 2012 and the count increased by almost 52% in 2013. The market is equally rising high with several advanced technologies and machinery that can be used for safe tattoo removal.