Tanzer is the dark and dazzling solo project for Melbourne-based musician and composer Hayley Foster. Named for her maternal German family (and not a European dancing career), Tanzer spins tales of OTT love affairs and fabulous heartbreak with a haughty glare and a swelling, thumping soundscape. Equal parts dreamy, stark and seductive, Tanzer conjures 60s film soundtracks, new-wave divas and otherworldly exotica – but ultimately lives in a genre all her own.

Hayley, what do you think is the key to making a “great” song?

I think ‘great’ is so open to interpretation that it’s impossible to formulate. I’m never completely satisfied with my own music – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
What has been your inspiration behind creating this EP?
Life and love and the loss of. Like billions before me.
How did it become that you are now working in music, what do you most love about the form?
It found me – I was discouraged from music as a child but had a head full of songs since I was extremely young. 
What sets Melbourne’s live music scene apart from others around Australia and the world?
I think there are exciting scenes everywhere, I feel a community of performers is the sum of the friendships and collaborations forged – Melbourne alone has so many different pockets of cool stuff happening right now. I can’t wait till we all meet each other! Imagine.
If you where stuck on a desert island, what five things would you bring with you?
A magic infinite water machine, a genie in a bottle, sunscreen, a beautiful lover and a private plane.
Tanzer – ‘Four Love Songs by Tanzer’ debut EP Launch
with guests Sugar Fed Leopards, Karen From Finance, The Huxleys, Benjamin Hancock, James Andrews, Dandrogyny and Sex On Toast DJs.
Saturday May 28
The Toff in Town – 2/252 Swanston St, Melbourne
Pre-order ‘Four Love Songs By Tanzer’ here: tanzer.bandcamp.com

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