Photo by Michael Steinberg from Pexels
Photo by Michael Steinberg from Pexels

A powerful brand is essential when you’re building your business. A strong brand is consistent, tells the world about your company mission and values, and is easily recognizable whenever a customer sees it. One of your first steps as a business owner should be getting your brand right. Here are a few tips on how to make it happen:

Ask the Experts

Your brand is a reflection of your company, so getting it right is essential. This is definitely an area where it’s worth calling in the experts. A professional branding agency can ensure that you end up with a strong, cohesive brand that accurately reflects the purpose and personality of the business. Take your time to make sure that you find a branding agency that feels right for you and your business. Don’t be scared to hire remotely either – in today’s interconnected world, if you fall in love with a Melbourne branding agency but are based in Brisbane, nothing is stopping you from working with them.

Inject Some Personality

Not every business has to use a professional tone of voice. Make sure that your language is authentic to your brand personality and it’ll resonate with your audience in a big way. Take “Who Gives a Crap” as an example – from the moment that you hear the name, you know that they’re a little different. They inject their cheeky, irreverent personality into everything that they do, with quotes like “Give yourself a pat on the bum” and “Hey delivery person! Thanks for lugging around 48 rolls of TP for us!” all over their packaging. Their unique approach is working for them, having made $3.6 million in profits since they started in 2015. This casual persona might not be right for your company, but be inspired to be authentic and straight-forward with your brand message.

Don’t Try to Be Something for Everyone

It’s critical to look carefully at what you do in your company and what problem you’re looking to solve. This will help you focus on the right target market for your products or services. No business can appeal to everyone, and trying to do so will only dilute the power that your brand has in the market. You’re much better off focusing on what you’re good at and doing it well.

Choose a Slogan that Reflects the Value You Can Add

Your business slogan should tell people as much as possible about your company. It needs to be catchy, informative and reflect the emotional benefit that your brand can deliver. Some well-known and compelling examples include M&M’s – “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands.” This differentiates them from other chocolate, calls out a practical benefit of their product, and incorporates an endorsement for their flavor. Mastercard also has a great slogan – “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.” They take a transaction-based product and link it back to an emotional benefit.

Have a Consistent Style Guide

While your brand is far more than a well-designed logo and some pretty colors, having a consistent style guide is essential to building a strong and recognizable company image. This should encompass typography, the style of photography and illustration, and web design. Your style guide needs to be memorable, cohesive, and able to evolve as the brand grows.

Building a powerful brand to support your products and services is the first step to becoming the talk of the town. Following the tips above will help you get well on your way to brand recognition and success.

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