take your kids to your wedding – why do this

There’s really no need to point out how important anyone’s wedding is for them. This is the day when you will make your happy relationship with someone binding and long-lasting; there are few days in someone’s life as monumental as this one. And obviously, making sure that everything is in order for your wedding will take months of planning and hard work. Taking care of every single detail is tough; seeing as there are plenty of things that wouldn’t even occur to you before you start planning. For example, if you already have kids – should you take them to your wedding? And how do you make sure that everything goes smoothly with the little ones there? Don’t worry – we’ve spent some time deliberating on that very conundrum, and we’re here with a couple of suggestions.

Weddings Are Important for the Kids as Well

If there’s one thing that every bride and many grooms have on their mind when it comes to their wedding, it’s one simple thought: “This is my day.” And as true as this may be, if you’re a parent – this is a day that’s important for the kids as well. Remember, having a wedding means you’re officially about to start a family – and you want your kids to be as happy and comfortable in their familial environment. Obviously, sharing important memories is the bedrock for every long-lasting and joyous family. And there won’t be many memories more important than the day of your wedding. With that in mind, while you’re planning your wedding – you want to make sure it’s a happy day for the children too. 

Even with the emotionally impactful moment aside; for kids, weddings are simply fun events. For the day, they get to dress more formally than they’re used to, and party with your family and friends. They’ll see their favourite aunts and uncles, they’ll get tons of treats and treats too. Naturally, they’ll also get to some mischief that all kids simply lovemaking from time to time. So, why having your kids at the wedding is important; you also want to make sure they’re well-managed and entertained.  

In a child’s mind, weddings seem like loads of fun – a day of partying in a pretty dress, hanging out with your favourite uncle, lots of sweets, treats and general mischief to get up to. In reality, they can often find wedding ceremonies long and dull, and dinner receptions super boring. If you have decided to have children at your wedding, it’s not just a matter drawing up a guest list of the little ones you know and love, you also need to think about how you’re going the manage and entertain them.

Plan Everything Out

If you’re going to take your kids to your wedding, one thing is obvious – you need to plan out everything neatly, if you want to enjoy the day without a hassle. So, the first thing to take into account is – the decision on whether to have your children there is completely up to you. Also, you can decide just how kid-friendly you want the wedding to be. 

You may only want to invite a couple of nephews and nieces apart from your own kids, or make a wedding where everyone can bring their children. Alternatively, you can just have your own kids there. Feel no pressure when it comes to this, as there’s no wrong or right answer to the question; only what you want your day to look like. After all, you don’t want your wedding beauty regimen to fall apart from stress a couple of hours into the wedding day; don’t do anything that you truly don’t want to!

Control the Day’s Flow

Before you allow your kids (or any kids, for that matter) to be present at your wedding; you want to plan out how the flow of the day will go down. Naturally, this is something you’d do even if the kids weren’t there; but with their presence at the ceremony, there are a ton of things to consider. First of all, you need to decide how much you want the children to have an involvement in the ceremonies themselves. The kids need to have clearly defined roles, even if they’re just going to have their own play area and nothing more. 

You shouldn’t ask any parents to bring their kids, or bring your own, if they will be nothing more than an afterthought. So, think of how old your kids are, and what kind of activities and wedding roles are appropriate for them; as well as any other children you might invite.

For example, do you only want them to be present at the reception, or just the ceremony; or maybe both? Remember, these are the details you need to ponder over and make a decision on before you send out the wedding invites; which means making the call pretty early on into your wedding planning. 

Consider The Aesthetics

So, if you take your kids to your wedding, you may decide to have them more directly involved with the ceremony. That’s something most people with kids or close relatives with kids opt to do, at the end of the day. But if the little ones are going to be ring bearers, flower girls, or little bridesmaids; you’ll need to make sure that they have outfits that are both age-appropriate and comfortable. Not only will this tie perfectly into the aesthetics of the wedding, but it’ll make the day more memorable for them as well. Also, depending on the climate, prepare jackets or cardi for them so they don’t get cold. 


As you can see, if everything is planned out the right way – taking your kids to your wedding can be a great idea! Just devote enough attention to them before and during the proceedings, and everything will go along smoothly.