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Hi ……,


Thank you for your enquiry about our outdoor cinema and big screens.  I have attached a brochure for you but I will need you to give me additional information to assist to be able to give you a quotation. So if you can please take the time to complete the information request I will send you a quote.


Also, many clients like to have comparative price to purchase when they make enquiry for hire. Please let me know if you would like a price to purchase as well, because EzeHire is an Australian manufacturer of inflatable movie screens, outdoor home theatre systems and commercial outdoor cinema systems, we both sell and hire this equipment and I will be happy to send you a price list.  That way you will also have a comparative price to hire or buy a new or used Inflatable outdoor movie screen if you request it in the information below.


Outdoor Cinema

Client Information



Full Name



Name of Organisation (if applicable) (school, Non-Profit, Business etc)



Address, State & Post Code



Contact Phones



If you have not used EzeHire before then how did you hear about us please?




Event Details



What is your date for the event (If you have not already set the date it is

a good idea to give us  1st 2nd and 3rd preference for dates in case the date you require is not available)



Venue and Setup Details  




What is the Delivery Address or Venue please?



What time do you want the event to start of your event?



What time will your event finish?



Audience Size – How many people do you expect to attend your event?



Will the event be for private or home outdoor cinema use or for a Public Screening?



If private or home then is this event a birthday, private party,

or other special event?




If Public Screening, are you hiring for a fundraiser, public entertainment, promotion, conference, exhibition or other event?




Do you want a full outdoor cinema with sound or just the screen and projector?




How many people do you anticipate will be in the audience?




Where is the screen to be mounted e.g. on flat ground or on a pool or beach, etc.?




Is there power available at the site or do you need a generator.




Will you be screening ads from sponsor of the event?




Do you want us to provide music for entertainment before the show?




If it is a fundraising event for a school or charity would you like us to

help you to plan a successful event ?




If it is for a school fundraiser then please tell us:-

  1. Is it a primary School or Secondary school?



  1. How many children or students at the school?



  1. What night of the week are you planning the event?



  1. Will there be other activities at the event?



Screen Preference – Please tell us what size screen do you prefer!




Outdoor and Indoor Inflatable Screens for night use with movies or

promotions and Video Feed, The choices are;



  • Front and rear projection 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m,


  • Front Projection only 8m (cinema Size), 10m or 12m.



  • Floating Screen to float on swimming pools or water 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m




Movie details – If you are planning a public screening of a movie you will require a permit from the distributors




Are you are holding a private movie night with family and friends? (You do not need a permit).



Are you holding a public screening of a copyright movie? (You will need a permit)



If for a public screening then would you like us to handle the paperwork with the movie distributors for you?



Have you chosen a Movie yet? (What is it?)



Please provide any other information which you feel is relevant?



Would you like information and pricing to purchase an inflatable outdoor movie screen, Projector Screen, or commercial Outdoor cinema system or Outdoor Home Theatre?