taste some of australia’s best cool-climate wines at chalkers crossing

Taste Some of Australia’s Best Cool-Climate Wines at Chalkers Crossing

The Hilltops is one of Australia’s best-known wine regions. It is primarily known for Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay grape varieties. Located in the Hilltops and Tumbarumba region in Young New South Wales, Chalkers...
David Hook wines

Explore the Single Vineyard Wines of David Hook

Planted in the early 19th century, Hunter Valley wine region is renowned world-over for producing some award-winning wines. Semillon is widely considered the iconic wine of the region but it also produces wine from...
moss wood winery

Taste High-Quality Wines At Moss Wood Winery

You simply cannot visit Margaret River wine region without spending an afternoon at Moss Wood Wines. Located in the northern sub-region of Wilyabrup, Western Australia, the Australian winery is widely regarded as one of...
man meets mountain

Man Meets Mountain

Argentina has that 'little' mountain range  - the Andes. This has a great influence on the wines.  As you go higher up the mountain, it is cooler.  The grapes ripen slower and more elegant...
a sauvignon blanc for the cellar

A Sauvignon Blanc for the cellar

I teach about wine – a lot! When teaching the more formal courses, I (and my fellow teachers) would always teach that some grape varieties age gracefully and other not. Sauvignon Blanc fits into the...
first foot forward 2018 yarra valley pinot noir

First Foot Forward 2018 Yarra Valley Pinot Noir

When Australian winemakers first started making Pinot Noir in the 1980s, there were many dry red wines that showed little varietal characters. Forty years later, there is a plethora of different styles and wading...
ottelia 2019 mount gambier riesling


A new wine label with a lovely cellar-door in Coonawarra (Fodder) with over 30 years of winemaking experience behind it. John Innes has made wine for many companies and is, now, making it for...
Heathcote Wines

Explore the Diverse Range of Heathcote Wines

Located in Central Victoria (Australia), the Heathcote wine region is an important centre for Shiraz production. The dark-skinned grape variety is deep, rich and velvety, with cascades of dark cherry plum and sweetly spicy...
maxwell-wines australia

A Lesser-Known Gem Of Mclaren Vale – Maxwell Wines

McLaren Vale, the birthplace of South Australian wine industry, is not only known in the home country but worldwide as a premium wine producing region. Here, some of the country’s oldest grape wines (Including...
heathcote wines

Exploring the Flavours of Heathcote Wines

Located in the picturesque Heathcote wine region of Victoria, which is quite evident from the very name of this company, Heathcote Winery is a hidden gem about which we’re going to talk in this...