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Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Cream Of The Crate: CD #20 – Sixties Down Under Volume 4 [A Compilation]

"There is little doubt, that the halcyon days for Australian & New Zealand Rock & Pop music was the 1960's" CD Cover This was number seventy in a series of albums I featured in the Toorak times as...
max merritt:  i can dream – a review

Max Merritt: i can dream – A Review

A review of the Max Merritt posthumous album - i can dream  The story of the Life and Times story of Max Merritt deserves proper attention, especially now that amazing man and performer has taken...
review: taman shud – eight years of moonlight

Review: Taman Shud – Eight Years Of Moonlight

Tamam Shud are an Australian psychedelic, progressive rock and surf rock band who have survived 5 decades. Eight Years of Moonlight is the fifth album from the iconic Australian group - Taman Shud.   Their history...

Doctor John (The Night Tripper) : Farewell to Dr. John – Gris Gris album

"May the Gilded splinters of Auntie Andre spew forth in your path to light and guide your way through the bayous of life" With the news today of the passing of Mac Rebbenack...
Bob Bright - INTRO_SPECTION : A Review

Bob Bright – INTRO_SPECTION : A Review

"Brilliant and full of surprises!" When an artist makes a transition in their music it is often difficult for their followers to accept.  Sometimes, it creates a furore! Bob Dylan moved from acoustic to electric based...
Field See Mason CD Lge Cover

See, Field and Mason: Down Under the Covers – A Review

"The music is fantastic and the on-stage entertainment and fun and humour as well as crowd rapport, have all been wonderfully captured on this live album" Sam See, Lindsay Field and Glyn Mason have...

Cream of The Crate – Record #37: Masters Apprentices

"A fitting climax to one of Australia's finest achievements on record"(Stan Rofe) The album cover This is number thirty seven in the series of albums I'm featuring as part of an on-going retrospective of vinyl albums...
high energy – high intensity – hi dino jag

High Energy – High Intensity – Hi Dino Jag

 Prior to seeing Dino Jag at the Melbourne’s Dong Dong lounge I had only heard his name mentioned in conversations. What I had heard intrigued me! I fronted the Ding Dong lounge where Dino was...
jimi hendrix: november 27, 1942 – september 18, 1970

Jimi Hendrix: November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970

 The debate on whether Jimi Hendrix was the greatest electric guitarist ever, is a debate that will see no end! On this, the fiftieth anniversary of his death it is in fact, a monumental sign...
steve tallis: where many rivers meet – a review of his latest album

Steve Tallis: Where Many Rivers Meet – A Review of his latest album

It was just on six years ago when I reviewed Steve Tallis' then latest release - The First Degree. In fact it has taken Steve these six years to release his latest album - Where...