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merrily we roll along

Merrily We Roll Along

Southbank Theatre - The Lawler - 30 June - 15 July   If you’re looking for light entertainment, keep rolling along past Southbank Theatre’s The Lawler this July. Sondheim’s notorious Broadway flop follows the events that lead...
ordinary days

21 Chump Street

Pursued By Bear Chapel off Chapel - 8-18 June 2017 Based on the This American Life podcast What I Did For Love, Lin Manuel Miranda’s 21 Chump Street follows honour roll student Justin Leboy’s attempts to woo transfer...
ordinary days

Ordinary Days

Pursued By Bear Chapel off Chapel - 8-18 June 2017   Adam Gwon’s Ordinary Days follows couple Claire and Jason and strangers Deb and Warren as they search for the beauty in the ordinary and the calm within the...
the realistic joneses

The Realistic Joneses

Red Stitch Actor's Theatre - 25 April – 28 May Julian Meyrick directs this Melbourne production of Will Eno’s The Realistic Joneses, a poignant and often absurd exploration of changing relationship dynamics in the face of...
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Reefer Madness

Chapel Off Chapel 25 November – 4 December 2016   Anti-drug propaganda film turned musical satire, Reefer Madness parodies the anti-marijuana attitudes of the 1930s. Wholesome couple Jimmy Harper and Mary Lane fall into the evil clutches of...

The Colour Purple

Chapel Off Chapel – 13 October – 6 November 2016 Stageart presents the Australian premiere of The Colour Purple, directed by Robbie Carmellotti. Physically and emotionally beaten into submission by her father, fourteen-year-old Celie (Jayme-Lee Hanekom) is trapped...
Dream Lover

DREAM LOVER – The Musical

America Comes To Sydney via St. Kilda If America has a ‘Kissing Cousin’ it is Australia. Canada is geographically too close, and, too many of the blighters have French as their mother tongue. New Zealand...
First Date The Musical

First Date: The Musical

Chapel off Chapel presents the Australian premiere of First Date: The Musical     Witty, relatable and modern, First Date: The Musical plays with familiar character tropes in modern dating, including the friend setting up the blind date...