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Friday, February 21, 2020
loktak lairembee

Loktak Lairembee

Loktak is a lake that supports a fishing community that builds houses on floating biomass and fish from long canoes. A fully self-sustainable community that the Indian Government decided was polluting the lake their...
it’s only the end of the world – film review

It’s Only The End Of The World – film review

Oh lord this was tough to get through. Directed by French Canadian Xavier Dolan, who is only 27, this adaptation of a play by Jean-Luc Lagarce has already kicked a few goals for the boy...
hidden figures – a review

Hidden Figures – A Review

The 1960's were a decade full of firsts and equally full of change and the changes that were important and had far reaching consequences were widely publicised either at the time or as...
perfect strangers – film review

Perfect Strangers – film review

                                        Perfect Strangers screened during the Palace Cinemas 2016 Italian Film Festival and was one of...
a  thin  life


  Every now and then a hitherto unknown work, by a departed master of their craft, greets the light of day. Fortunately for all, Frank Howson in particular, we have not had to wait for...