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Sunday essay Leonard Cohen Header

Sunday essay: a fresh perspective on Leonard Cohen and the island that inspired him

Hydra 1960, including Leonard Cohen (bearded, left) and Redmond Wallis (centre right in cotton shirt). Photographer unknown. Reproduced with the permission of Dorothy Wallis. This week sees the Australian release of Leonard Cohen’s posthumous volume The Flame:...

Click and Collect at the library

I finally did a Click and Collect at the library the other day. Now that Melbourne is out of lockdown and vastly reducing our restrictions I’m finally borrowing a book from the library. It...
farrell’s bookshop – mornington for friday photos

Dymocks Collins Street, Melbourne

This is one of my favourite Dymocks. These photos were provided for me by a staff member who I know well. This shop has always been really good to the Discworld community in Melbourne....
conzealand 2020


Here is yet another reason I dislike Amazon. They own Audible. You may have heard of Audible, you might even use it. And if you’ve returned an audio book through Audible I hope you’re...

Relics, Wrecks & Ruins edited by Aiki Flinthart

This anthology was gifted to me for the purpose of a review. I don’t always review the books I’m given as I don’t like to write negative reviews but this one was just so...

Around the traps part something

I’m still reading that book of short stories, with just over 400 pages to go I will finish some time soon. But I figured it’s been a while since I looked at the publishing...

Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers

This is a mixture between detective and romance. I’m using it in the Dymocks Reading Challenge 2021 in the book with more than 400 pages category. Despite the romance I managed to make it...

Book readings

I had a teacher at uni who talked about many things including grammar but also how to read your own writing out loud. I’ve not forgotten the gist of her words and they came...

Harry by Julie Carbone

Past me put some money on this book in a crowdfunding campaign. Past me received the book and promptly forgot about it. I must have put it on my TBR Pile and I’m glad...
book review: persian letters by mehrdad rafiee

Persian Letters by Mehrdad Rafiee

About Persian Letters Mehrdad Rafiee grew up in Iran at a time of constant change. Born in 1950 in Abadan, as the oil industry was being d nationalised, he went to high school in Kazeroun...