farrell’s bookshop – mornington for friday photos

Dymocks Collins Street, Melbourne

This is one of my favourite Dymocks. These photos were provided for me by a staff member who I know well. This shop has always been really good to the Discworld community in Melbourne....
alice a. bailey: life & legacy acquired by shooting star press

Alice A. Bailey: Life & Legacy acquired by Shooting Star Press

I am thrilled to announce my full biography of Alice A. Bailey has just been acquired by Shooting Star Press!  This comes after many weeks of turbulence as the original edition released on 7 May...
maigret hesitates and maigret takes the waters – georges simenon

Maigret Hesitates and Maigret Takes the Waters – Georges Simenon

This is a two for the price of one book. At less than 300 pages for the two books they’re both fairly short, but Simenon was very good with words. He managed to make...
friday photos – bound words

Friday Photos – Bound Words

I managed to take my own photos this week. I’d gone to the podiatrist. It was a rather interesting experience. I’d been told to wear a mask and that they could sell me one...
oath of fealty by larry niven and jerry pournelle

Oath of Fealty by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

This book was problematic in a number of ways. It is the story of Todos Santos, a self-contained, self-governing community. It towers over the slums of Los Angeles and holds 250,000 people. Built on...
paratalk or torque?

Paratalk or Torque?

An old column where I take a paragraph and examine it in whatever detail I choose. Today I’m taking two paragraphs because I can. He sighed, and then looked into my eyes, seeming to forget...
friday photos – top title books

Friday Photos – Top Title Books

Top Titles Books is almost opposite Thesaurus Books in Church Street, Brighton. You can visit one after the other and know you’ve had your book shopping experience. Top Titles books goes through to Dendy...
most secret by nevil shute

Most Secret by Nevil Shute

His full name was Nevil Shute Norway. He dropped his last name to protect his engineering career and to ensure his colleagues continued to think of him as a serious person. At this point...
friday photos – thesaurus books

Friday Photos – Thesaurus Books

Thanks to my friend Susan for these fabulous photos of Thesaurus Books at 29 Church Street, Brighton. I’m pretty sure I’ve been to this bookshop but not for a very long time. If you...
final curtain – ngaio marsh

Final Curtain – Ngaio Marsh

I read this book many years ago. I didn’t actually remember reading it until I was a little way in. And I wasn’t sure about this until the murderer was revealed. That is how...