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The Twenty Thousand Thieves by Eric Lambert

I do not know why I picked up a book about the Rats of Tobruk during a pandemic. Especially as I finished it today in the knowledge that we’d be going into a much...

The Hare With Amber Eyes: A hidden inheritance by Edmund de Waal

Don’t ask me how this treasure got onto my TBR Pile, I have no memories of that. It is the most amazing story, de Waal uses family heirlooms, ones that were thought lost during...

Creating audio books

Audiobooks are a challenge to create. They are an added expense and can take lots of time. I don’t have dollar figures for audiobooks but who you choose will make a difference as to...

The Voyage Of Their Life by Diane Armstrong

This book has been on my TBR Pile since 2009. I can date it pretty precisely because it comes from my Step-Dad’s library and that’s when he died. I have a number of books...
dr norman swan’s new book tests the evidence on diet, sex and the ‘bullshit’ wellness trend. does he know what’s good for us?

Dr Norman Swan’s new book tests the evidence on diet, sex and the ‘bullshit’...

  Picture: Shuttlestock There’s a great moment in George Eliot’s 1861 classic Silas Marner, where a young woman bemoans how people with “neither ache nor pain” want to be “better than well”. Written more than...

The Online London Bookfair

Almost every year I’ve received an email offering me a free media pass to the London Bookfair. Each year I’ve looked at this email while turning a distinct shade of green. They always send...
tasmanian author amanda lohrey wins prestigious miles franklin literary award for the labyrinth

Tasmanian author Amanda Lohrey wins prestigious Miles Franklin Literary Award for The Labyrinth

Detail from The Labyrinth book cover. Text Publishing And the winner of 2021’s Miles Franklin Literary Award is The Labyrinth, by Amanda Lohrey! Two of Lohrey’s previous novels (Camille’s Bread in 1996 and The Philosopher’s Doll in 2005) have...
symbiont by mira grant

Symbiont by Mira Grant

I picked up this book at the Nunawading Library sale. Why was I at Nunawading Library? I’m not sure, but there was a good reason. I do remember looking at the books on sale...

Lady Chatterley’s Lover by DH Lawrence

This is one of those books that was banned way back when. It came across my desk some time ago but I only opened it recently. I wanted to find out what all the...
typo rant

Typo Rant

There are some basics that make every book easier to read. Text free from typos and good grammar are two of these basics. This is what Laura Goodin has to say about grammar: Good grammar...