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Book Review Blackthorn Book Tours – Alejandro’s Lie by Bob van Laerhoven

About Alejandro’s Lie Terreno, 1983, Latin America. After a dictatorship of ten years, the brutal junta, lead by general Pelarón, seems to waver. Alejandro Juron, guitarist of the famous poet and folk singer Victor Pérez who’s...

Parasite by Mira Grant

Letter to the author Dear Mira, I understand I should start a letter with some polite nothings but I’ve just finished this book and all I want to do is scream. How dare you write good characters,...

Great Short Stories of Detection, Mystery and Horror editor Dorothy L. Sayers

This is the book I’ve been reading the past few weeks. It’s been many years since I’ve concentrated solely on the one book and it’s taken me this long to read it. It’s not...

Spiritual Leadership by Alice Bailey

Announcing the release of two booklets on spiritual leadership written in 1921 and 1922 by Alice Bailey, not seen for a hundred years. The two booklets in Spiritual Leadership written by Alice Bailey (herself) in...
paul mccartney’s the lyrics: an extraordinary life in song

Paul McCartney’s The Lyrics: an extraordinary life in song

      Paul McCartney photographed backstage at the television show ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’, Birmingham, England, 1963. © MPL Communications Ltd Review: Paul McCartney, The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present, ed. Paul Muldoon, Allen Lane, 2021. The...

Brief holiday

I still haven’t finished my book. Last week my brain was fried and I couldn’t find anything to write about. This week I’m that much closer to finishing my book. I’ll write about it...

A Matter of Latitude FREE on Kindle November 13 through 17

It’s not often that one of my books is available for free! A Matter of Latitude (Canary Islands Mysteries Book 1) is an Amazon #1 bestseller and will be available for FREE as a...

The Unlikely Occultist: 0.99 US/UK Kindle 11/6 through 11/10

The Unlikely Occultist will be available for 0.99 as a Kindle purchase in US/UK from November 6 through November 10. You can purchase from Amazon here. You can find out more about this book below. *****...

The Cabin Sessions: 0.99 US/UK Kindle 11/3 through 11/9

The Cabin Sessions will be available for 0.99 as a Kindle purchase in US/UK from November 3 through November 9. You can purchase from Amazon here. You can find out more about this book...

Around the traps part something

I’m still reading that book of short stories, with just over 400 pages to go I will finish some time soon. But I figured it’s been a while since I looked at the publishing...