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why the indifferent revolutionist is a dangerous play

Why The Indifferent Revolutionist is a dangerous play

This play is dangerous and this warning is serious. This play can get deep under your skin as it comically explores what it is that holds us back. As I was writing it, I realized...
the benefits to the many of  pub theatre 

The Benefits to the many of  Pub Theatre 

The benefits of taking new Theatre out of the city to The Suburb pubs. Benefits, people don’t have to deal with city traffic and or finding parking. They can also grab a meal in order...
the adrifting wolves have landed  

The Adrifting Wolves Have Landed  

And the Audience love it  “It's about time we Australians can truly have sincere laughs, so make sure you see The Wolves Theatre's ADRIFTING THROUGH THE VOMIT GENERATION!  That is, if you want to have a...
pub theatre, 2020 and we are back 

Pub Theatre, 2020 and we are back 

“Melbourne welcomes Live Pub Theatre” On 21st January 2020, The Wolves Theatre Company will once again stage Pub theatre at the Iconic Live Music Hotel The Palace, Camberwell. The Play  Marooned is a powerful, important and touching...
the vomit orchard

The Vomit Orchard

I’m not a theatre scholar but as far as I know Chekov’s The Cherry Orchard is about a family being forced to realise a time of prosperity has ended.  Well for many Australians that’s...
end the decade with a heart warming revolutionary laugh

End the Decade With a Heart Warming Revolutionary Laugh

End the decade with a gorgeous heartwarming laugh, it might even light the rebel in you "This fantastic and hilarious piece of writing that in parts is incredibly moving, is Michael best play yet. It...

Pub Theatre, how’d it go 

  https://youtu.be/LVSPcJO9i84     PO Box 525 Balwyn North 3104 0425854942     Share Via:       Visit the wolves   
the circuit

The Circuit: A Bright Future for Indy Theatre?  

THE GOAL: Build a business model for Independent Australian Theatre that can thrive without funding.  (Though we'd never say no to grants) "PLEASE SHARE" The idea, find cheap venues all over the suburbs of Melbourne where new...
the circuit

The Circuit

The idea, find cheap venues all over the suburbs of Melbourne where new plays could be staged cheaply with or WITHOUT grants. If the play fails they don't leave the theatre company with a...
marooned in yarrawonga

Marooned In Yarrawonga

She was tiny. Most of her silver hair was pinned up in a bun apart from these wisps that defiantly fought to stay impractically and romantically free. "I cried", she said. "I haven’t cried...