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‘LADYCAKE’ Three Birds Theatre | Review by Meredith Fuller, psychologist & author

This satisfying production of a modern refashioning of the myths surrounding Marie Antoinette is a credit to Miles, Nunn and Rodway who comprise Three Birds Theatre
next fall

Next Fall

Opposites attract they say and Peter Blackburn’s direction of Geoffrey Naufft’s hilarious and poignant tragi-comedic exploration of an oddly matched gay couple throws light on the current discussion about the issues of marriage equality,...
The Bird Is The Word Is Adsurd

The Bird is the Word is Adsurd

I was taken aback with hilarity as the plot of this very funny and silly play Love Bird unfolded. The story of a modern Australian family, PC dad, Richard, Matt Tester, foul mouthed mum, Joan...
we all know what’s happening

We All Know What’s Happening

The rich, colourful and checkered history of an island, that lies just off the coast of ours, provides the narrative and the once perfect, tropical backdrop to this performance. But as the performance traces...
Nocturnal Fever: Women Of Sin

Nocturnal Fever: Women of Sin

I am always excited before I go to see a show at the Butterfly Club and tonight was no different. I know the artist’s other work in music and I was very interested to see...
don’t trust me; i’m a dentist  (a one-act play at the meat market – north melbourne)

Don’t Trust Me; I’m A Dentist (A one-act play at the Meat Market...

Do you like going to the dentist?   I suspect that most of us don't really enjoy the experience. Have you ever thought about whether the dentist actually likes probing around in our mouths?  Chances are...
10208 quuiiccchhhee EFUL GUIDE  EFUL WEB

5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche – Fringe Hub : Lithuanian Club – Main Theatre

I am being stretched by my very cruel and unusual editor Star Trekking me through strange galaxies of entertainment I would not have thought on my radar. Evil beast he is, but having said...
10350 Mark salvestro web EFUL WEB 1

Buried at Sea

Belleville (26th September – 1st October) Written and performed by Mark Salvestro Produced by Second Breakfast An intimate coming-of-age tale inspired by Australian history, Mark Salvestro’s Buried at Sea explores the playwright’s obsessive journey to uncover the story...


Kicking round the local theatre scene and treading the boards both locally and further afield for around a decade, Elbow Room have once again delivered a potent work, dripping with their trademark darwinistic style....
architects of sound – funny!

Architects of Sound – Funny!

The Architects of Sound may claim to be the best band in the world, but this Brisbane based electronic trio are certainly the silliest.   The Architects of Sound, Valencia, Amaro and the ever abused Sutro...