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marooned in corowa

Marooned in Corowa

There's Something Happening Here!   This is Jaimes Walch and Brad Plum in the Corowa Hall. The stage is set, the lights are up, the chairs are out. What will happen now? Brad told me they’ve been...
artefact theatre co. presents much ado about nothing

Artefact Theatre Co. presents Much Ado About Nothing

Artefact Theatre Co. is proud to announce the cast for their late October production of Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare. With a unique slant, Artefact Theatre Co.’s adaptation translates the traditional text into a...

The Indy Theatre Revolution 

  We, The Wolves Theatre Company were just at the Southbank Theatre, the Lawler. A small theatre set up to support Indy and experimental theatre. Even though they kindly gave us a massive rent reduction, because of...

Diaspora review: a rave for the senses, a future that has already arrived

Diaspora saturates the senses. Pia Johnson Diaspora, a production by Chamber Made, sets out to explore the nature of consciousness as society moves closer to the post-human digital realm. It is a concept inspired by Australian...
MAROONED the play

Marooned speaks to us in a language we understand

I have been involved with a lot of different lifestyles and people over a very interesting life, I have engaged in lots of promotion within the arts and music and it keeps on moving...
melbourne shakespeare company – open auditions

Melbourne Shakespeare Company – Open Auditions

ACTORS WANTED! Open Auditions for Melbourne Shakespeare Company  Melbourne Shakespeare Company is excited to announce auditions for our next production:  The Taming of the Shrew. We are looking for 15 talented actors to join our company for...
new musical has enough warmth, witty lines and catchy tunes to win its own fangirls

New musical has enough warmth, witty lines and catchy tunes to win its own...

Sharon Millerchip, Ayesha Madon, James Majoos, Chika Ikogwe, and Kimberley Hodgson in Fangirls at the Brisbane Festival. Photo: Stephen Henry Comedy often succeeds where tragedy fails. Fangirls, the pop musical which premiered last Thursday night...

Little theatre inspires big donation from unique philanthropic alliance

Little theatre inspires big donation from unique philanthropic alliance - Iconic La Mama bringing community, government and philanthropy together to rebuild $1 million dollar philanthropic alliance matches government grant, making La Mama Rebuild almost a...

There are not many good news stories about suicide but this is one

There are not many local good news stories about suicide, but we are one of them. His name was Guy May. He was tall, talented and an actor who had been Neighbors, and he was...

Why Staging this play is an act of political rebellion

The Play “Marooned” is such an interesting project. From its conception I wasn’t sure how it would travel. But then the readers got back and they were overwhelmingly positive. This is not only a...