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Thursday, February 27, 2020
the circuit

The Circuit: A Bright Future for Indy Theatre?  

THE GOAL: Build a business model for Independent Australian Theatre that can thrive without funding.  (Though we'd never say no to grants) "PLEASE SHARE" The idea, find cheap venues all over the suburbs of Melbourne where new...
the circuit

The Circuit

The idea, find cheap venues all over the suburbs of Melbourne where new plays could be staged cheaply with or WITHOUT grants. If the play fails they don't leave the theatre company with a...
marooned in yarrawonga

Marooned In Yarrawonga

She was tiny. Most of her silver hair was pinned up in a bun apart from these wisps that defiantly fought to stay impractically and romantically free. "I cried", she said. "I haven’t cried...
the wolves open melbourne’s newest theatre space “the den”

The Wolves Open Melbourne’s Newest Theatre Space “The Den”

The Wolves Open Melbourne's Newest Theatre Space "The Den" The Wolves have a Den (Theatre) And we are opening with our play Marooned "Riveting the entire way through, with complex twists and turns that are entirely...
a meeting of tribes

A Meeting of Tribes

We were asked by Kylie Graham, a Welfare Officer and Psychologist with the Defence Force to stage two shows of Marooned for the ADF in Melbourne and me along with the cast would like...
marooned in corowa

Marooned in Corowa

There's Something Happening Here!   This is Jaimes Walch and Brad Plum in the Corowa Hall. The stage is set, the lights are up, the chairs are out. What will happen now? Brad told me they’ve been...

The Indy Theatre Revolution 

  We, The Wolves Theatre Company were just at the Southbank Theatre, the Lawler. A small theatre set up to support Indy and experimental theatre. Even though they kindly gave us a massive rent reduction, because of...