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The world of Performance Arts
The world of performance arts has many facets, from mime to dance it can be quite a different expereince.

a consciousness confined: rima by squidislo

A consciousness confined: RIMA by SQUIDISLO

The room is dense. It is a contemplative, palpable stillness. A white rectangle is pasted into the centre of the wooden floor. It is furnished with a mattress, a pillow, a bowl of water,...
Nocturnal Fever: Women Of Sin

Nocturnal Fever: Women of Sin

I am always excited before I go to see a show at the Butterfly Club and tonight was no different. I know the artist’s other work in music and I was very interested to see...
night dance

Night Dance

The nightclub, a place where us adults meet, dance and frolic under the cover of darkness and flashing lights. Jaded memories of the most awesome nights out, easily and often impaired by any number...


Should art, and indeed audiences for that matter feel the need to compartmentalise genres that confuse? Trying to decipher this work is difficult, to call it pure dance would be reductive, but with moments...
the letter for the king  (2020 netflix original)

The Letter For The King (2020 Netflix Original)

With movie theatres and live venues in total shutdown, understandably just about everyone on the planet is turning to the internet for their fix of ‘iso-entertainment.’ For many, the house-bound confinement has presented the perfect...
first date: the musical

First Date: The Musical

Chapel off Chapel presents the Australian premiere of First Date: The Musical     Witty, relatable and modern, First Date: The Musical plays with familiar character tropes in modern dating, including the friend setting up the blind date...