Aussie mum in her 40s launches stunning pop album ‘262’ and a suite of cool NFTs – created during 262 days of Victorian lockdown

Aussie mum, singer and songwriter Suzy J has released the first single from her much anticipated album ‘262’ and her fans can’t get enough.  To celebrate, Suzy J has also launched her own limited-edition range of NFTs.

Suzy J is a Melbourne based mum, musician and songwriter in her 40s who used her time, 262 days to be exact, during the pandemic lockdown to create an extraordinary album full of tracks that ooze fun, upbeat rhythms and soulful lyrics.   The album is aptly titled ‘262’.

Released this week, her first track, ‘I’ll Show You Love’ is a powerful and irresistibly catchy single. Further tracks will be released over the coming months.

To celebrate the launch of her new album and release of its first track, Suzy J has dived into the world of crypto and created her own limited-edition range of NFTs which are available for sale on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace.

There are four NFTs in total.  A gold option that includes Suzy J’s signature, two platinum options that include a 20 minute zoom meet and greet and a bronze option.  

“As an artist, I am always looking for ways to create a connection with people and this exciting NFT platform jumped out to me as an amazing opportunity. I am excited to see where it goes,”  Suzy J said. 

“The lockdown slowed down things, gave me precious time with my family, and time to pursue a lifelong dream to be a singer-songwriter. I wrote and recorded all the songs on my album in 262 days. I reached out to Ben Reno, one of Nashville’s most respected music producers and together we produced my first album.  I’ve called it 262 to represent the length of time I spent in lockdown in Melbourne – the longest of any city in the world. I also wanted the album to symbolise something good coming from a tough situation – lemonade from lemons!

“Ben has been so amazing to work with and his production expertise was exactly what I needed to transform this album for world-wide appeal. I was also lucky to have some of the industry’s leading musicians who have worked with music’s biggest names in music, to play on my album.

“Across a massive ocean, different time zones, and with the help of the internet, we made it possible and the album is ready to rock the music scene.  It makes sense too that I am also using the internet and Web 3.0 tech to promote my album via the NFT collection.

“Not ready to stop with just one album, I am heading over to Nashville in June to work with Ben again to record more tracks for my second album.

“Who would have thought at the grand age of 44 that I would be chasing my dreams and creating my own music with some of the world’s most amazing musicians– and launching my own range of NFTs.   I have to pinch myself.”

‘I’ll Show You Love’ is available for download from her website, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and others.


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