Global warming is no myth. We each have our part to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our carbon footprint. There’s heaps of things we can do – cycle to work, catch public transport, become a one car, or no car, family, buy recycled products, recycle our own trash, teach our kids sustainable living skills, buy hybrid cars, the list goes on. But most importantly sustainability starts at home, and how we construct, modify and renovate our homes matters. Let’s take a look at sustainable skylights, and why Velux is a brand that you can trust.

What’s That Name?

Velux skylights are manufactured by the Velux Group. The company is a leading provider of roof windows, skylights, blinds, roller shutters, remote controls and installation solutions. With a 75-year history of providing sustainable products, the Velux Group helps to create better living environments all over the world. Their products create healthy, bright, energy-efficient work and living spaces with a bottom line focus on reducing carbon footprints.

Velux Focus on Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is the idea that corporations and companies ought to be socially responsible members of a global society. With many companies having a reputation for being a bit dodgy, or downright evil, it’s important that corporations take measures to reduce their impact on the world. The Velux Group continuously aim to minimise their carbon footprint and to innovate in the areas of sustainable and affordable building and construction. This is a major thing, as not all companies have social responsibility at the forefront of their mind. Some are just happy to turn a profit, and to hell with the consequences.

Innovative Solutions Around the Globe

The Velux Group are involved in many innovative and sustainable building projects around the world. For example, they have pioneered architectural approaches that pair the health and wellbeing of the occupants with environmental considerations to achieve a balance between what’s good for people, and what’s good for the planet. They have pioneered such projects around the world, with notable buildings being constructed in China and Belgium.

A Quality Product

Velux products are produced with nothing but quality at the forefront of the companies’ mind. They invest considerable resources into testing their products and making sure that they meet the highest quality standards. Their skylights are exposed to extreme temperatures and weather conditions to ensure that they will stand the test of time and nature. When you buy a Velux skylight, you’re buying quality, innovation and value for money. A Velux skylight will last as long as you’re living or working in that property.

All Velux manufacturing sites are certified according to ISO 9001 and will meet all national standards in Australia too. Also, Velux go above and beyond and introduce their own standards for aspects such as watertightness. In their home country of Denmark, there are Velux skylights installed over 40 years ago that are still going strong.

Beware of Cheap Imitations

When modifying or renovation your home it can be tempting to opt for cheap products and materials. Why Velux may not be the most budget brand, you are buying the utmost of quality. Do you want to install a cheap skylight that you’ll need to replace after five or ten years? Imagine that headache. Sometimes it’s worth to lay down some hard-earned money in a solid investment for your future – and a Velux skylight is just that.

To Sum it Up

The Velux Group is a world-class manufacturer of skylights. The company has a strong focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and makes sustainable and durable products. Velux lead innovative building solutions around the world, and their products are made with the highest standards of quality in mind. It may be tempting to opt for a cheap option, but in the end you get what you pay for.