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Sun 30 June – Shane O’Mara & Shane Reilly are The Plagiarists





The Plagiarists 

Sun 30 June – Shane O’mara & Shane Reilly Are The Plagiarists


Shane O’Mara and Shane Reilly are……’The Plagiarists’ – Two of Melbourne’s finest musicians are teaming up for this very special Ember Lounge Show.
The Plagiarists repertoire served up will be modelled on such legends, as The Bill Frizell Quartet with Greg Liesz, Latin Playboys, Ry Cooder and Manuel Galban with interpretations ofBacharach, to Beach Boys, Bowie and Bach.

A musical feast.

Stellar guitarist SHANE O’MARA can’t play a Stratocaster to save his life. “Feels horrible” he says a little sheepishly “It’s like I’m trying to play left-handed or something.” It’s a surprising admission from a guitarist who, as any who’ve seen him play live will attest, can wrangle the most glorious sounds from a diverse array of stringed instruments. Just a sample list of the notables who’ve called on O’Mara’s playing smarts would feature Rebecca’s Empire, Tim Rogers, Lisa Miller, Paul Kelly, The Audreys and Stephen Cummings.

SHANE REILLY was born in sunny Adelaide, was given a guitar, played in many and varied bands, studied some classical, some jazz, moved to partly sunny but often cloudy Melbourne, continued playing in many and varied bands. Recorded solo album “Cupids and Cornucopias” in 2009 – Launching in 2010. Has toured with Tex Perkins in Man in Black. Reilly’s pedal steel guitar elevates his songs to the stratosphere adding tone, mood, texture, atmosphere and depth to the soundscape.

Sun 30 June – Shane O’mara & Shane Reilly Are The Plagiarists

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