This week the theatre is brimming with gothic magic from the ‘deep south’ as Tennessee Williams’ SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER plays to sold-out preview houses and transports audiences into a vivid landscape.

Here’s what director, Stephen Nicolazzo has to say about the prolific playwright and SUDDENLY:

“The thing I love about Tennessee Williams was that he was unashamedly making plays about the homosexual experience during the Hays code era (Hollywood’s ‘code of morals’ governing what could be shown in performance which was in effect from 1930 to 1968). Even though he suffered from self-hate occasionally he still felt compelled to explore that. It’s the same reason I like Oscar Wilde, there’s a sort of renegade attitude there…

The opening stage direction [in SUDDENLY]  is that the design should be as unrealistic as a ballet set. So he’s immediately giving you permission to go into a dream world. And that’s my spin on lots of things, my lens is not about reproducing what I see every day. I want to create something transporting. I’m taking you to ‘The South’ but I’m also taking you into this chaotic, homosexual jungle.

I love the classic Tennessee Williams plays but it’s maybe the forgotten stories that interest me. His last play, for example, released in 1980 SOMETHING CLOUDY, SOMETHING CLEAR was another dream play about a lover who got away. And the whole thing is written as a kind of piece of music. SUDDENLY kind of marks a turning point for him as a writer – and it was kind of divisive. He makes a clear departure from the classicism he was working in at the time.”
To read our full interview with Stephen, click here.

SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER opens October 10th and runs until November 4th. Tickets are selling fast, so book yours now!

Look forward to seeing you at the theatre,

Ella Caldwell
Artistic Director


by Tennessee Williams

Featuring Kate Cole, Caroline Lee, Harvey Zielinski, Zoe Boesen, Chanella Macri, Charles Purcell, and Jennifer Vuletic

Director Stephen Nicolazzo

Set & Costume Design Eugyeene Teh

Sound design & Composition Dan Nixon

Lighting Design Katie Sfetkidis

Assistant Design James Lew

Wardrobe Olga Makeeva

Stage Manager Liberty Gilbert

Assistant Stage Manager Hayden Collin


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