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Successfully commissioned image? Who decides?


July 31st 2015

What is a successfully delivered creative project? 
The recently posted photograph in my feed and the image in this article was part of a larger commission. The client is a well respected and Internationally acclaimed interior design and architectural firm specialising in corporate design and construction. And as we all know my client’s client is also regarded and treated as if they were my own client also …. correct protocol. 
The brief was to capture the interiors that were designed and built by my client as if I was presenting it as a front page and or spread in an interior design magazine. I had one week. Ten projects. A challenging and full on time line.
Every project needs at least one hero image, appealing and a signature shot.
How does one measure the success of such a commission? Repeat business, an exhibition of all the images, a cash bonus, referrals to other clients, a long lunch? All of the above are the usual course of lovely options. I usually make my own decisions in relation to the edited photography l present to a commissioning client.  An edited set of images are presented to the client because it covers the brief. As a professional photographer l am being commissioned as an artist to deliver visually appealing imagery within the constraints of the built environment.
The creative design and execution of the photograph reflects the initial design from paper. It is based on time, intuition, observations, communication, interpretation, access and alchemy. 
Many thanks. 
Photo: NEA. Shanghai. China. Blaininc Blain Crellin Photography

Blain Crellin

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