Stephen Cummings has made his first music video in 20 years – and although it might be his last, it is most certainly among his best!

The video was shot in an abandoned Melbourne warehouse, where Stephen sings and plays the guitar and drums. It is the first clip that cinematographer Garry “Goose” Richards and director Mark Hartley have made together in 14 years, as they reunited with producer Mark Bakaitis. “As always, Stephen seems to have a knack for illuminating the room with his unique sense of style and charm,” says Bakaitis, who first worked with Stephen 25 years ago.

‘Shifting Heavy Circles’ sounds like a farewell song, with Stephen singing, “I think if I had wings I’d fly far from here … My heart is heaving like a roller coaster, my head is draped in cobwebs. And the day floats away.” The video finishes with the message “adios amigos”