Port Phillip Council regrets it must continue temporarily diverting recyclables to landfill.

While we had been advised SKM would be ready to re-accept recyclables collected from Port Phillip from tomorrow (20 February),  it became apparent today that this no longer the case.

We share the disappointment of our community that the diversion must continue and hope this issue will be resolved as quickly as possible.

We are continuing to meet frequently with the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group, along with four other councils whose group contract with SKM is managed by the MWRRG.  The MWRRG is seeking clarification from SKM on a revised reopening timeline.

Port Phillip remains open to alternatives to landfill diversion but, at the moment, there is unfortunately no other viable option.

Recycling bins will continue to be emptied by us at the scheduled times, with this waste transported to landfill.

As our Council provides a weekly recyclable collection service, some residents may find their recycling bins are not full and may choose to not put them out this week.