standout on water with boat decals

Although there are enough similarities between car decals and boat decals, the latter is unique. It is because of its use on the water for which the decals must have suitable properties to withstand the conditions.  Like any other car decal, vinyl is the chosen substrate for boat lettering, but it must be marine-grade vinyl that can withstand the harshest conditions on the water.

Having a custom boat wrap or decal will make you stand tall on the water, and whether to have a wrap of a single colour or a custom print in multiple colours is a personal choice. Even having a partial or complete wrap is a personal choice because it depends on how you want to portray your boat that highlights your individuality. Having a particular design or pattern will surely make your boat one of its kinds that people can quickly relate to you at first sight.

The vinyl quality is important

While it is essential to have the most attractive graphic design for your boat that catches the eye and creates a strong impacting first impression, all efforts will go waste if you do not have the right quality of vinyl to create the design.

High-performance cast vinyl is the best material, and you should never compromise with it. This type of vinyl does not shrink, or at least it will not be as bad as the vinyl that you find at a neighbourhood sign shop. Most importantly, high-performance vinyl is UV stabilized, which ensures that the graphic does not fade due to exposure to sun and water.  Both parameters are vital in marine conditions to take care of the harmful effects of water and algae.

Boat numbers

Not everyone might like to decorate their boat with decals, but one thing that is common to all boat owners is that they would surely have to get the boat number displayed on the boat, which is a necessity. Creating decals to display boat numbers is indeed far less exciting than creating designer graphics for decoration and beautification. It is important to ensure that the number remains visible for many years. The scope of creativity is indeed almost non-existent when creating boat numbers. Besides choosing the font and colours, the best you can do is to decide whether to have the number cut individually or printed on a sheet of paper.

Boat graphics

Express your passionate relationship with your boat by adding a flair of colours and design by using boat decals that offer vast opportunities for customization. Boat manufacturers and sellers can use decals for branding, and boat owners can proudly create a unique identity for the boat so that it becomes easily recognizable. Above all, decals give you an endless scope of personalization, which is also a reason for boat owners making the extensive use of decals just as they would do for their cars.

You can display any graphic art or design by using decals, which could be the name of the boat or your family crest.